The Call of Nature

appreciating natureLately, I’ve been hearing the call of nature. Fortunately, I decided to listen.


I’ve missed my dear friend. During the winter, when nature is in hibernation, I find it harder to make the connection. I still feed the birds, take walks and look at the sleeping trees, but it is harder to sense the aliveness that lies dormant, ready to return in the miracle of spring.

Mount Rainier

I continue to find both big and little joys in nature. My love for nature started as a child, playing in the yard, finding birds, butterflies, insects and other critters in attendance. I let this connection go fallow for much of my teens and twenties.

And then reconnected during my grand adventures traveling around the country in my VW Westfalia van. During this time, my passion for nature truly blossomed. I was so inspired and in awe of the beauty that I found in our National Parks, that I began photographing in hopes of sharing the beauty and joy.

This passion led to a joy for photographing nature which has been rekindled on my blog. Though now days, I am more focused on communicating beauty and joy with words. Writing seems to be a harder medium for me to translate my joy than photography. But sometimes, I re-create or even create new beauty with my words. Then I feel a deep satisfaction. With photography, I see beauty, feel the awe and snap a picture in hopes of capturing the essence of what I am experiencing. Although photos are only a two dimensional representation of beauty, we could debate their ability to translate light and energy.

Sometimes when I take pictures while feeling connected, my photos seem to convey more than a simple image. I wonder if other photographers have this experience. I would love your perspective. And clearly nature is calling me to connect more deeply, whether via photos, writing, walking or simply appreciating.

Another period of great joy, was a time when I sat on my porch to watch the sunset nearly every evening. This became my time to settle, be quiet, relax my mind and body, and simply be. Feelings of deep peace and joy usually came bubbling up through me. This ritual became my solace during a time of great challenges.

Lately, tending my garden, smelling the flowers and noticing the amazing variety of flowers blooming right in my yard, is a treat for the senses. And a great source of little joys. Or the gorgeous blue jay that just landed on the chair outside my window. 🙂

Here are a couple of posts that inspire me to communicate my love for nature in words. Maybe not as eloquently as Jack London in Call of the Wild, but hopefully as pure and heart felt. Like the quote in Luanne’s post, communication is a translation. Words and pictures can make poor translations at times, but as writers we continue to attempt the conversation.

  • Patty de Lloas writes about the solace and connection to be found walking in woods.
  • Luanne Armstrong describes her farm life and how it has taught her to notice and ponder nature in a deeper way. She questions what is communication and what is intelligence.

We might be underestimating the powers, beauty and intelligence of nature.

What do you think? I’d love to hear how nature calls and touches you………Excuse me, nature is calling me with birds chatting outside my window. It’s time to answer the call of nature. See you next post!




Writing to Freedom

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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes, Spring, poetry, NaMoWriPo


I offer mother earth my thanks

for treasure beyond money in banks

trees bursting with flowers aglow

the springtime magic show


birds sing, flit and mate

their partners happy and sate

april showers steady and rife

nourishing the hidden seeds of life


once again the miracle of birth

hidden treasures from the earth

tendrils reach to the sky

lift up your third eye


let the majesty of spring

make your heart sing

open your mind

beauty and grace combined


say goodbye to strife

allow beauty into your life

be still and know

life is all aglow



My the beauty of nature touch your soul and inspire you to love, protect and enjoy this precious planet.


Writing to Freedom

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Sustainable Equilibrium

A thoughtful post by Brenda Barrett discusses the possibility that restrained growth may be the new normal.

I tend to agree and believe that it is very important that we as individuals, communities and countries embrace new models of living based on sustainability. This is what I am calling sustainable equilibrium. 

In other words, will we live in harmony with our precious planet, exercising balance and constraint?


I hold hope and vision for a sustainable future based on gentler ways of living with more sharing, cooperation, focus on quality of life and the good of all society and planet as our guides. May we move away from focusing on the accumulation of wealth, economic growth and individual gain as our main guides and gods. They have proved to be false gods. Much like the ego, they don’t embrace the power and potential of the whole. -muse brad

Brenda refers to the ideas of Nate Hagen about our current situation. He believes that economic growth may be fading away due to over-consumption of resources, negative environmental impacts like climate change, and excess debt. He argues that we have maxed out on economic growth and resource consumption. She also sites a book by Tim Jackson who believes that we need to re-define prosperity as something that is more meaningful, less materialistic and less reliant on growth.

Japan gives us clues as to how we might face this new model of living. Despite little to no economic growth for two decades, Japan has adjusted and continued to bring quality of life to most of it’s citizens.  Of course, it helps that they have a cultural bias toward living for the good of society. Brenda also quotes Junko Edahiro who suggests the need to live for happiness and higher purpose. A higher purpose that can replace the goals of personal gain and country economic growth with ones that benefit all.

As we evolve individually and collectively toward more holistic ways of living that include the good of each other and the planet, we will be inspired to design new and better ways of living sustainably. I’m game. Are you?

Here are two fun videos on whimsy to remind us the joy of creativity well applied.

Let’s use our creativity to design fun, sustainable ways of living for a sustainable equilibrium.


Writing to Freedom

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War No More

War No MoreWar No More, Peace, poetry

Arabs fear Jews

Jews hate Arabs

the madness of hate

compounded by fear

injustice, media, politics and ego

is this true or mass hysteria

loving hearts want to know

why must we hate our neighbor

a lone voice speaks out

my mother is Palestinian and my father a Jew

how can I take sides

a Jewish girls talks to a Palestine boy

a new conversation starts

of shared loves, dreams, hopes and fears

and so it begins

a day of reconciliation




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Imagine Peace

For many of us, war is clearly not the answer. Let’s try peace.

Hoi, Vietnam

For inspiration, we can draw on John Lennon’s beautiful song and vision for a world united in peace, Imagine.

As part of my commitment to peace, bloggers for peace, and the truth of who I am, I dedicate this post to peace.

 Imagine the impact we could make if every day the internet was awash in creativity, beauty, energy, emotion, and positive vibrations about Peace. ~ B4Peace 

I’d like to help create an energy of peace for Syria and the Middle East. As much as I understand and even admire people willing to protest the wrongs of wars, governments and injustice, I don’t believe it creates the right conditions for peace. To create peace, we must send out the energy of peace in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I’m committing to daily time spent in quiet, contemplating peace. I will be sending out the energy of peace  and love to our world leaders, leaders in the middle east, and the people of Syria.

For any skeptics or science types, the Institute of Heart Math has many studies proving the power of what they call “heart coherence.” As mystics have known for centuries and science is now proving, we are all connected and the power of love and positive energies can transform, even at at distance.

For inspiration, I leave you with this poem called Ode to Peace.

Li River Sunset

Ode to Peace

Say goodbye dear friend

We have journeyed many a mile together

It’s time to retire the stars and stripes

The wars, dominance and control

Bring out the new clothes

United in peace and love

Dedicated to one world, one family, one planet

War no more

Reign in our conflicts

Pause, inhale peace and extend love

All conflicts are calls for love

Let’s shower the people with love

Imagine peace my friends

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It’s Raining Peace

Look, up in the sky

is it a bird, a plane, a man

no, it’s a peace tree

raining down showers

of love, respect and harmony

spreading peace

throughout the land

building bridges of hope

rivers of respect

houses of compassion

all working to love one another


This poem is to a playful #TBT, inspired by the 80’s disco romp called It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls. If you want some fun, watch the video and imagine peace raining down, soaking everyone in joyful divine love. 🙂

Or for a more serious poetry companion, try Cat Stevens Peace Train.

Peace, musebrad

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