Joy of Spring – Acrostic Poem

November is the month of the glorious Jacaranda.

Wishing you all a great  week filled with love and happiness!

P1200241-001 I'm feeling lucky- signed

  • Joyful is the song in
    Aussie land
    Cantata in D major
    Across the landscape
    Radiant purple
    Adorns the
    New vision of the world
    Days of bliss and harmony ahead
    As we reach out to each other with love and respect

©2015 Irina Dimitric

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What does Peace mean?

P eople

E nvisioning


C aring

E nvironment

~Acronym From Gigi 🙂

P eople

E ncouraging &

A cting to bring about

C hange for

E veryone

~Acrostic by Melanie


P urposefully

E nlightening

A cross

C ountries

E verywhere

~Acronym by Melanie


What does Peace mean? Submit your Acronyms, Acrostics or any other form of definition 🙂


☮ ❤ 🙂