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    • Well welcome aboard,young man! Really only one or two fingers are needed to peck things out anyway (I STILL don’t type properly!)

      We will be happy with anything you want to share to help spread love and peace.. a poem, an essay, pictures, music…any form at all. Just blog it and then email me the link and we will post it 🙂

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    • Welcome! Nice to meet you as well!
      The artists4peace is made up of International artists who are interested in promoting love, understanding and peace through art. We are looking for Peace related art that is positive and uplifting. New art is posted throughout the and each month there is a theme. The theme for February Artists 4 Peace 4 Animals: The Importance of Animals for Human Peace & Harmony.
      Submission Deadline February 1st
      Selected Entries will be posted February 15th
      Those are the dates for each theme, each month.

      All mediums are welcome. Submissions can be sent to: artists4peaceproject@gmail.com
      You can send a link to your work, to this email and just put the title in the subject box. Thank you so much. Welcome. Looking forward to receiving your work.

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