Lucy and Cinnamon…a Chickmas poem

Lucy is getting ready for the Chickmas Poetry Reading and Cinnamon is humming the appropriate tune in the background, so you get the full effect of Lucy’s words. Cinnamon was going to play her saxophone but even with the mike, Lucy couldn’t chirp loud enough to be heard over the music, so they decided Cinnamon would hum instead.


Chickmas time

everyone tells me that Chickmas Time
is a very special season
a time when humans are happier
when they are kinder
when they get together
and exchange gifts
a time when they kill and eat pigs
who are beautiful and sweet animals
a time to send cards
a time to spread joy and love
(except to the pigs, of course)
a time to decorate their houses
and bake cookies

the thing is
that’s what it’s like at The Coop
almost every single day
except we love our pig friends
and would never kill or eat them
because, as I said, we love them
and we would never eat living beings
not even humans
because chicklets extend love to everyone
not just certain ones

humans shouldn’t sing joy to the world
they should sing joy to certain beings and then name them
that would be more honest
because they seem to have little regard for anyone but themselves
and even then they are on shaky ground

so during this season of parties and laughter
we chicklets will be celebrating all life
and the only wish we have
it’s the same every year
is that humans will stop killing and torturing us

Merry Chickmas to all
and unlike humans
WE really mean all

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by hitandrun1964


Clarence, James and Roxy


The chicklets were on their way home from a luau when they started talking about humans again.

“My mom said that we have to stay away from humans because they believe that they have the right to decide who gets to live or die,” chirped Clarence.  “She said they hate us.”

“What did we do to them?” peeped Roxy.

“Nothing,” chirped Clarence.  “They just hate us, that’s why they treat us the way they do.”

“Well, my mom said that if aliens from another planet attacked the earth,  all the wars would stop so that everyone could fight against the aliens.  As soon as they were finished killing them, which my mom said would never happen, they would start to kill each other again,” peeped Roxy.

“What’s a alien?” chirped James.

“Someone who lives underground at Area 51 in Nevada,” peeped Roxy.

“What’s Nevada?” chirped James.

“I have no idea,” chirped Clarence honestly.  “None at all.”

“Do you think they sell food there?” chirped James.

“Maybe,” answered Clarence.

“I’d like some popcorn,” chirped James

“The kitchen’s still open,” chirped Clarence.

“Maybe if humans stopped fighting for a while and had more snacks they would be happy like we are,” peeped Roxy.

“I don’t think so,” chirped Clarence, shaking his head.  “My mom said they’re broken.”


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by hitandrun1964

The chicklet dancers held an impromptu recital this morning…

IMG_2610 - Version 2

A new group of rescued animals were brought to The Coop last night.  The hens, who were ready for them, sprang into action immediately and helped as many as they could in order of their need. Having been saved from a Factory Farm the damaged was horrific.  The warming bunnies were called into service and the raiding team, led by Flower and Rene, went back and forth many times before they had everyone.  Some of the rescued chicklets and chickens looked different than the chicklets at The Coop.  The chicklets have seen a lot of birds with different colored feathers, combs and eye color but the new Guests were afraid of being hurt because of  the way they looked.  The chicklets were stunned because they believe that everyone is beautiful and wonderful. So word went out to the dancers, who quickly dyed themselves with egg coloring, set up the stage, and put  together a program which included the song,  “You are so Beautiful to me.”   They leapt, danced and peeped all the while telling their new Guests how wonderful they were and how much everyone loved them.  A DIVERSITY ROCKS banner was made by the Art Department and hung in honor of the new Guests.

Last night some of the chicklets slept in the hospital with the badly wounded.  The warming bunnies and the chicklets are dedicated to making their rescued guests healthy once again.  The hens, nurses, cooks, doctors and aides have been working non-stop to help those in need.  The Coop chicklets  have been peeping softly to the damaged chicklets, telling them over and over again not to be afraid, that they are well loved and safe.  The warming bunnies are snuggled tightly against the wounded and will stay as long as they are needed.  The kitchen helpers are bringing carrots, lettuce and bunny food to their sides. Two cats have joined the team and are purring the babies to sleep while cuddling them under their chins and between their front legs.  The hens are worried about some of the more seriously wounded, they lost a battery hen early this morning, but they are doing everything they can to save those in their care.

The dance was a great success and the chicklets later held a Poetry Slam on how diversity strengthens everyone and those who shun others automatically shut themselves off from the true beauty of life, ruin the world and are just plain mean.  A party is being planned for the wounded, once they have recovered.  The Party Committee is busy recruiting helpers, which is relatively easy, since everyone wants to help.  The older chicklets have been making ice cream because they believe that ice cream makes those who are sick, and those who are not, feel better.  The youngest chicklets are making get-well cards and bringing them to the healing center in the hope that their bright colors will make the wounded feel better.  Everyone is doing what they can to save the lives of their new Guests.

One of the poems written and read by a chicklet Wisp is being set to music…these are the words:


birds are meant to be free
not owned
not caged
not eaten

birds are beautiful beings
we are not here for the use of others
we feel pain
and love

we belong to no one
but ourselves
never forget that
birds are meant to be free


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by hitandrun1964

Speak Out 2


Marlene looked at the bunnies and choked up.  Her eyes filled to the brim with unshed tears and she peeped softly, while clearing her throat.

“Clover and Marcy,” she said, “have gone above and beyond what anyone could have asked from two soft bunnies.”  She peeped again and looked at the crowd in front of her.  “These two very dedicated sisters, stayed with the rescued chicklets for ten days, never leaving their sides.  Turning them and laying next to them to keep them warm, they remained in the nursery.  They made sure that the most needy, were under the heat lamps and that everyone was eating properly.  Carrots, lettuce and corn were brought to Clover and Marcy by their friends, but they refused to leave the damaged chicklets until they were taken off the ‘danger’ list.

The lives of chicklets were saved by these very brave and sweet bunnies.  So this SPEAK OUT is for them.”

Thunderous peeps and chirps went up from the audience and the bunnies were instantly surrounded by their grateful admirers.

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by hitandrun1964

Cricket… The Speak Out 1


“The sun had just gone down and the clouds were moving in.  Everything was dead still.  Brutus, the German Shepard we all know and love, was standing next to me.  Rene and Flower had gone on ahead and were in position to break into the Factory Farm.  The roosters and the hens were right behind them.  As soon as the clouds covered the moon, the strike team made it’s move.  Brutus took off running.  I couldn’t keep up because my legs are a lot shorter than his and chicklets are just slower than dogs, I guess.  Brutus was wearing the chicklet jacket that the hens made for the rescue dogs.  You know the ones, they are black with pockets to hold chicklets, on both side.  The ones that go across their backs and snap underneath and tie around their necks.  Those,” said Cricket, to the audience.

“Anyway, by the time I caught up, many of the tortured and damaged birds were already being lifted into the wagons and those who could walk and run were being led away by team leaders.  The chicklets were placed into carts and pockets.  Rene and Flower were bringing up the rear and watching for humans when huge lights went on and shots were fired.  Brutus, who was already running back to The Coop, turned and raced back to help Rene and Flower.  The chicklets in his jacket were having a bumpy ride but Brutus ran straight for the human, growling and snarling, he threw himself at the human and tore the gun from his hand.  Brutus bit the human and the human turned and ran away. Once Brutus was sure the human was not going to shoot at us anymore, he turned,  saw two tiny chicklets who were down, laying on their sides, in the grass.  He stopped,  picked them up with his mouth and ran straight to The Coop. Rene, Flower and I were right behind him. There were no team casualties, thanks to Brutus.

So this Speak Out goes to Brave Brutus.  He risked his life to save others.  He gently carried chicklets to safety, in his mouth. He carried fifteen others, in the pockets of his jacket.  Brutus is a hero and his name will be added to the Speak Out Board of Heroes.  We love you Brutus.  You make a difference.  You save lives and you are our Hero.”

There was much chirping and peeping at the end of Cricket’s speech.  Brutus became quite shy and tried to hide.  But everyone gathered around him and rubbed their beaks against him.  Everyone thanked him and then went back to helping the hens care for the new arrivals.

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by hitandrun1964



Tiny chicklet Joy, brought  Bruno, one of the rescued chicklets, to meet Leo and Nibbles.  The chicklets are planning a Speak Out very soon.  Everyone is busy helping their guests but there’s always time for a get-together.   Representatives from other Coops will soon be coming to The Coop for classes, lectures and talons-on raids.  Word is spreading fast and others want to  join in the rescue program.  Members of the raiding parties are always happy to teach others how to rescue the animals in their own areas.

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by hitandrun1964

Rene and friends


Rene is helping his friends hang memorial flags in honor of the battery hens who died, after being tortured by humans at the Factory Farms.  The flags will hang in the Great Hall.  Several new birds have arrived at The Coop.  They began sentry duty almost immediately.  Three dogs came by and offered to guard the raiding parties as they do their work.  More and more volunteers are arriving each day.  Stories of heroic acts are circulating around and the chicklets have begun to write them down. The raiders are brave and fearless.  All of them have a single goal…to stop the torture.

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by hitandrun1964

Flower, Sofie, Henry, Robert, Julia and Joy


Flower is giving several of the new guests a tour of The Coop.  Henry, who has taken to wearing sweaters, is by her side.  Sofie, just finished with her Occupational Therapy session and was happy to be going for a walk.   She is wearing some of the jewelry she has been designing during the evening.  Robert, the miniature pony  Rene rescued last week, is  finally strong enough to join them.  Julia, rescued from their very first night out, is healthy and back on her feet, sort of.  She sits a lot but she’s walking more.  And baby chicklet Joy was released from the nursery early this morning.  Flower is keeping an eye on her because she is rather tiny and she doesn’t want her to wander off and get lost.  After the tour Flower is taking everyone to the kitchen for some of the hens’ delicious corn bread.  Ice cream will follow and then everyone will go back to their guest cottages (and the nursery) to rest.  It takes a long time to heal from the inhumane treatment their guests received at the hands of heartless humans.

More guests are arriving all the time.  Friends have come to The Coop to help in the rescue effort.  The bunnies arrived a few days ago and their main contribution is keeping the wounded company and warming those who need warmth.  The piggies do whatever they can, the goats formed a transport group and pull the wounded in wagons and take them where they need to go.  The horses go on raids and pull large wagons filled with those in need.  The Rescue Effort is amazingly effective.  The cruel and hateful humans never think that animals and birds are intelligent enough to be a threat.  The crows set up sentries wherever the raiding parties go and send out a call if humans are out and about.  Several time they have attacked humans and kept them busy so that the rescue teams could escape.  Things are coming together nicely and Flower and Rene are usually in the front lines.  They are fast, clever and dedicated.  They never leave anyone behind.  They are a perfect team.  And they love each other.

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by hitandrun1964