B-z-z-e-e — B-e-e-z-z (5 MACROS)

Well, the question has been answered. Will the bees trust me using my macro lens as I photograph them from within my Lavender Bushes? I have a 60mm lens which is not a very long lens by far, and I work with no extension tubes. I use only my macro lens when I do all my macro photography.

The day I took these images, I saw the incredible focused and extremely busy activities the bees on my Lavender Bushes were involved in. I was astonished that a huge human head with this big black box in front of the face, did not faze these bees in the least. Can you even imagine what a huge human head must look like to a bee? This tiny bee no bigger then the end of my nose, if that, didn’t even miss a beat in getting to the flower he had his eyes set on!

We humans can certainly learn from these bees how to remain on track and focused no matter what, in order to accomplish what we orignally set out to do!

Having camera in hand, I said to myself, this is the moment to see if these bees will trust me. And they did. Not a one broke stride as I had my face buried in those bushes.

In the following photos, yes, some have been cropped to get the image of the bees in closer, but, if I showed you the original, not much was cropped off. When I viewed these photographs, again … again I say, my jaw dropped. I am so humbled beyond words how I am able to photograph Nature without disturbing Her. And I am given permission to do so.

The following FIVE photographs are of the bees busily working on my Lavender Flowers. I see this every Summer, and every Summer I am in awe how these bees remember that I have special Lavender flowers just for them. Every Summer they return, and this year, their number has increased. For this, my Heart does rejoice, for the bees have been struggling so hard within this environment that has become so toxic to them.

May you marvel as I still do, when you view the incredible detail I was able to get for you. Be Blessed. Be Happy. Know you are Loved and may the Abundance of the Bee follow you in your own Life!

Love, Peace, and (((HUGS))) Amy


Photography/Writing 2014©AmyRose

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