Ode to a Dove (of Peace)

oh gentle dove
who mourns all day
can i not whisk
your cares away
with water fresh
and bits of grain
a sturdy box
for when it rains
what saddens you
what grieves you so
in sun and shade
through wind and snow
whisper to me
the secret kept
by doves like you
who mourned and wept
© Candace Kubinec

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Hope For Peace

Ancient hope delivered
on the wings of a dove
Witnessed from the
deck of a wooden boat

Forgotten in the tramp
of boots in battle through
mud and snow – past
bodies of comrades

Snagged on long strips
of barbed wire that

Hidden in long tunnels
under wet green jungles
where teens fought teens

Lost among the clouds
behind the whine of engines
flying with heavy payloads

Ancient hope in the sky
ignored by humankind

© Candace Kubinec

Whisper to Me

tell me about the quiet people
the good deeds gone unnoticed
I’m drowning in political hubris
smothered in bloodshed
tell me about the do-gooders
the selfless, help me shed
this perpetual bombardment
of negativity and hate
jealousy and rage
tell me about kindness
about gentle spirits
help me dig out from under
this pile of sensationalism
so I can see that beauty survives
tell me about the workers,
creators, inventors
I’m torn down by destruction
worn down by erosion
show me the sun and moon
the stars twinkling hope
whisper to me of love