January/February announcement


Thank you all for joining us in Celebrations of Peace!!!

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We will not be doing a monthly post in January but will resume in February.  So you have plenty of time to get your submissions 🙂


Artists 4 Peace  4 Animals: The Importance of Animals for Human Peace & Harmony

Submission Deadline February 1st
Selected Entries will be posted February 15th


Feel free to send in any other Peace related art at any time for consideration to be posted throughout the month. Remember just blog as you normally would and then email a link to your post to artists4peaceproject@gmail.com for consideration!



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Gigi and Melanie


The rehearsal and the Duckmas tree…


One of the ducks came out to get me.  She said they were going to practice and wanted an honest opinion about their choice of songs.  I said sure, why not.  They had their tree up, on the edge of the tub.  I said I loved it but it might be in a dangerous place.  They scoffed and said, they were cool with it’s placement, so I said great, let’s hear the songs.

The concert lasted exactly thirty-two minutes and it was wonderful.  All the ducks and ducklings were in fine voice.  They quacked Ducky the Snowduck, something called Duck, Duck, Goose at Duckmas,   Carol of the Ducks, Deck the Pond and several songs that were not as well known.  The chicklets will love it.


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by hitandrun1964

Achieve peace with understanding.


This month, the Artists4Peace are writing about celebrations of peace. The world has seen quite a few of them. The end of WWI was named Armistice Day; the celebration of the end of the first war that almost destroyed the world. WWII ended with a celebration of peace. The Berlin Wall came down and the world celebrated. I was at a weekend retreat of meditation and prayer when the Berlin Wall came down and there was much celebration. These were all huge celebrations of peace. It was as if the world had a second chance.


We had peace and then we lost it. Are there other ways to bring peace into being, to create peace out of the pain and suffering we inflict upon each other? Yes, but we must begin with ourselves and then move to our neighborhoods, communities and countries. Our world leaders must bring the peace we create and celebrate and multiply it until it encircles the globe.


Each day that we live and we work on peaceful behavior, we have cause for celebration. Peace is important whether it is on a grand scale or if it is small. Peace counts because each minute it exists it is a victory. If you have a peaceful day, that is huge in a world full of haters and violence; a world filled with greed, jealousy, and a constant desire for more.


Talking about peace, trying to create peace in our lives, recognizing peace when we see it in others all keeps the dialog flowing. The dialog of peace makes us all more receptive to the actions that we can do to bring about peace.


Peace is something that will not come unless we work for it and talk about it. Peace will come when someone else is more important than we are. Peace enters our lives when we have spoken harsh words to a person and after realizing what happened, we speak from our hearts and we speak from love.


Peace comes when no one acts out of malice, anger or hate. Peace comes when no one desires what another owns. Peace comes when countries don’t try to take land that isn’t theirs. Peace comes when one person does not shoot another. World leaders are needed to make peace. They are needed to put their citizens needs before their own egos and lusts.


We are all needed to bring peace into dialogue with spouses, children, neighbors, friends and strangers. Peace needs to never be far from our thoughts. It needs to be with us every day and every day we shall celebrate each moment of peace. When each moment is added up, there will be more and more reasons to celebrate Peace. Peace for us, for others.  The five major content areas will know peace; with ourselves, relationships, society and our beautiful planet.




Imagine Peace, explore peace, live in peace.


Needlepoint done by Barbara Mattio 2005