Teasing and bullying, and a new world in the morning.

Tease, tease, tease

I must rush away so that

the bully does not make

the teasing worse with a few

thundering punch (just for fun)

it’s sport my friend,

don’t worry it will make you tough.

Hurting in the back rooms,

hoping for the next class,

so that the teasing will stop,

but no; the teacher, says

Yes, Mr. Elffers, I’m pleased to see

you are playing more sport this year,

at least you will be fit enough to

make a good road sweeper,

and they all laugh,

shouting names at me,

I smile foolishly hoping

to laugh with them,

and that the day would be done.

the scars are deep inside,

where one wonders of ones worth

and these pains and scars holds you back,

so that it is difficult to realize ones goals,

As I came to accept these tribulations,

I began to help others in similar situations,

and when talking at schools to ask

the children to remember

to always laugh with others,

not against other,

not to talk behind each others backs,

and never to tease or bully others.

I helped several women who had

been beaten by boyfriends,

and had managed to leave

them before it got to bad,

two of them had also ended up

suffering from eating disorders

brought about by men telling them

they were over weight,

oh why do people haven to be so cruel,

lets build a better more caring society.


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Towards peace.

Darkness broods in this small room,

and I read fellow poets pains

and know that the sun will

shine warm tomorrow as it

pops over the mountains

with such unexpected grace

to bring us all warmth,

hope, a smile and the courage

to carry on and get to

state of sharing

smiles and happiness,

as we help each other and world

come to terms its struggles.


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A wonderful world.

Flowers abound,

a wilderness of different colors,

and all the textures,

and the sounds,

of the insects and birds,

as all go on with

their position in the universe:

It is only man

that does not fit into

the picture:

How many have

never walked or studied nature,

with all its inter-relatedness,

which we try so hard to destroy,

often without thought

or even realizing

what we are doing.

Everyday plants and animals

are going extinct in

their natural environment,

causing our earth to become

at greater risk of destruction.

We, for all our knowledge,

have learned how to waste,

how to destroy,

how to kill,

and spend huge

amounts of money

on armies, weapons, war

and the destruction

and confusion that

these bring on the people.

If we spent more on

helping each other,

education and the realignment

of the world, and a lot less on armies and defense,

how much of a better safer world we would have.

People could fit back into the natural world,

could learn to love, honor and understand each other,

and together with the birds, bees, beasts and plants

could create a wonderful world for all.


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Three Composers who stood against war.


It is strange that at a time when the people of the world are seeking peace, that so much time is spent looking at wars, and heroes of wars, and so little time is spent investigating those who had the strength to stand out from their societies and refuse to fight.

Here are three twentieth century British composers, who refused to fight in the world wars, and suffered much, both financially(as people refused for some time to play their work) creatively (as people poured huge scorn and hatred against them) and socially. They went on to be seen as three of the great composers of the century, and wrote three of the greatest anti war pieces of music, two of them commissioned to celebrate the same event, the opening of the Leicester Cathedral, which stands next to the bombed out remains of the old Cathedral.

The three composers were Benjamin…

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I can hear the song in my head,

every night and every day,

people never saying what they mean,

and so we just get

deeper into this

rut of lies and half truths

that kills and mains millions

brings unnecessary hatreds

to boil over into

yet more destruction,

so we have to start

talking truths,

getting to know and trust one another,

smiling in truth, greeting,

exploring friendship and peace,

and hearing what people are really

saying and feeling

for the sake and peace

of all mankind,

wont the soothsayers

banish from our minds

and let us save our world.


This is a poem based on two songs the first being Joe South’s Games people play, which I blogged earlier this evening, and Albert Hammond’s For the peace of Mankind.

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Two faces

Truth and lies

are there together

and we talk and write about them

as though they are

different entities;

one good one bad,

but then who decided

which is which,

for it seems to me

that often they are

different faces of the same coin,

depending where one

stands in the world

decides what is good

and what is bad.

We polarize all these

opposites to such

an extent that they

cause tension and hatred,

where there becomes

a need to understand,

and a need to realize

that it is greed,

and the lack of our

ability to share,

that causes the fears

doubts and questions

that create the good

and the bad in every situation.

We need to talk, care, share

and help each other

in so many different ways,

so as to conquer situations,

so that they are neutral

and in every ones best interest

including our poor ailing

world itself;

we need to get past fear and doubt.




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Love: A meditation for you.

They say love is the hardest word:

love makes the world go round,

understanding, comprehending

and listening intently are the building blocks

without which we slip away from peace and serenity

towards war and destitution;

so listen, understand, comprehend and let

your love flow out to the world around you,

then we can all make this a better world for all.



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Universal peace

Ideas twist and turn,

in the heat of thought

outburst run riot,

cool it; cool it

for it is not to late

to turn in and smile

at others,

share the eternity

of the warmth,

the plants and trees,

and slowly realize inner happiness

together and laugh

at the foolishness of

looking for difference instead

of the varied sameness

of our souls coming

to rest in spender

and universal peace.

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The Cherry Stone: A Dream

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We ate the cherry

half and half, lips meeting.

and then the stone,

hopped and skipped away,

and we laughed

as it scurried,

looking for soil

in this concrete jungle.

It stopped:

Hand in hand

we stared,

as it began to grow

and the ground began

to buckle under the green,

and begin to lift

us up too,

and soon we were

bracing and cuddling

against the wind,

which drove the tree ever onward:

Upward, and the earth grew small,

with the strange unity we felt,

as there were no nations                                           ,Earth from Outer Space

no hardships,

no wars;

up here there was us,

and our cherry stone tree.

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