The Valentine’s Day Party snapshots (4 photos)


l.  Three snapshots

2.  Corrin, Alphie, Peeps and Stripes all explored the set, after the hula was over.  Stripes attempted to climb the tree but, since it was made out of cardboard, it quickly toppled over.  Corrin is going to take hula lessons, starting next week, Alphie just had a good time and Peeps enjoyed the flower lei on her head but said that it was difficult to fly while wearing it.  They all had a wonderful time.

3.  Clarisa played the harmonica while the well rehearsed trio chirped and peeped, “Come What May.”  They received a standing ovation and went on to chirp two more love songs to the delight of their audience.

4.  Stanley, a rescued chicklet, gave a reading on the VELVETEEN RABBIT.  It was one of the books read to him when he was brought to The Coop.  Lucy played the part of the Rabbit.  Lucy was one of the Warming Bunnies who stayed by Stanley’s while he healed.  They have become fast friends and are usually seen together.  Stanley did a wonderful job with his rendition of the VELVETEEN RABBIT  and Lucy was spectacular.   When interviewed by a reporter from The Chicklet News, Lucy said that her tummy didn’t hurt at all and that Stanley was the real star.

The Party was a great success.  Many old friends attended and pages of Animal Rights petitions were signed.

The Hens and Roosters will be in meetings all day today, working on a strategy to save more animals from the hands of humans.

Rene and Flower are meeting with Raiding Party members, who came from far and wide, to plan, exchange news and talk about what works and what does not.  They will map out the Factory Farms they will hit next and make sure there are adequate places near by to care for the survivors.

The Healing Hens are meeting  with their counterparts and discussing the best way to heal those in their care.  The Warming Bunnies are sitting in on the meeting and telling their own stories, which include the length of time they need to stay with a chicklet or hen.   The Warming Bunnies feel that they heal more than the bodies of the wounded and broken, they help take away their fear and terror as well.  The Healing Hens know the important part the Warming Bunnies play in the recover process and take anything they have to say very seriously.

The Rescue Dogs are meeting to go over the best way to get the chicklets into their rescue pockets and the fastest way to escape.  They are also working on new and sleeker designs for Rescue Wagons.  The Rescue Horses and Goats are sitting in on their meeting and adding their own thoughts to the mix.

So after a night of fun and frivolity, singing, dancing, laughing and eating, those at The Coop are getting down to business.

The chicklets are cleaning up the debris from the party, and eating.  Definitely eating.  The Stage Crew is dismantling the things that need to be dismantled and storing them in the party shed for use later on.

Plans for the Easter Party will begin next week and the bunnies are very excited.


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Flower, Rene & Henry

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlower has a damaged leg and Rene has a badly sprained wing.  Both chicklets were seen by the medical hens, who patched them up and gave them each a huge slice of corn cake.  The other chicklets have begun to sign Flower’s cast.   Henry, the rescued piglet, stays close to Flower, whenever he can.  Flower and Rene don’t mind.  Henry is very intelligent and plans to write a book exposing Factory Farming, from a piglets point of view.

Flower and Rene are still a bit dusty but they are both happy and ready to help out with the new arrivals.  The Roosters and hens made another raid on the Factory Farm and brought more animals to The Coop, where they can be safe.

Flower and Rene decided to move into one of the guest houses together, so they can work on the plans for their next rescue.   Henry is going to stay with them for a while.   Henry is so happy that Flower and Rene are taking him in, he can’t stop grunting and squealing.  He will have a lovely soft bed of his own blanket, clean water and food.  He is still afraid but he is excited as well.  This is the first time he has ever been free.


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by hitandrun1964

The rescue…3

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce Sage explained the situation to the hens and the roosters, they immediately began to make plans to help Flower and Rene rescue the pigs from the Factory Farm.  It was decided that there would be two teams, each team made up of two hens and a rooster.  Team One would help Flower and Team Two would help Rene.  The hens who stayed behind would set up triage and be prepared to care for any wounded who might be brought back.  The medical hens had been up helping the rescued hens and chicklets all night.  They were working in shifts.  They had already lost two hens and some of the chicklets were in danger.   The strongest, of those wounded, were moved into the guest houses, to make room for the next wave of refugees.   The cooks had been at their posts since the battery hens had arrived, making food for their guests.  The healers were busy making medicinal potions and instructing the medical hens how to use them.  Some of the other hens were in the laundry washing and drying blankets.  The chicklets spent their time pressing their warm bodies against the new and stunned chicklets, while chirping them to sleep.

The rescue teams met at the gate.  Flower and Rene refused to be separated, so they both went with Team One.  Everyone had rolled in the dust and blended nicely into the moonless night.  They reached the Factory Farm and went directly to where Rene said the pigs and piglets were being held.  Once there, they unlocked the gate and silently led the pigs into the open field.  This was by far, the most dangerous part of the operation.  Some of the pigs had difficulty walking and several of the piglets began to squeal loudly.  The hens tried to quiet them but to no avail.  They had to run and they had to run fast.

“Follow us,” peeped, Rene, leading the way.

The pigs trotted after him, doing their best to keep up.  The roosters, a piglet under each wing, ran beside them urging them on.  Forty pigs were loose and spread out over the grass, when they heard a door slam open.

A human stated yelling and running toward them.  He had a shovel raised above his head and his voice was threatening.  Everyone ran, as fast as they could.  The pigs went wild with terror, the piglets hurried after the others screaming in fear.  The human was right behind them.

And then, a tiny piglet tripped and fell over on the grass.  He squealed and cried out.  Everyone was running toward The Coop but Flower stopped.  She turned toward the piglet and started hopping and flying toward him.  The human was still screaming and waving the shovel.  They both reached the piglet at the same time.  Flower threw herself over the terrified piglet, her wings outstretched, just as the shovel started coming down.  She closed her eyes and chirped softly to the piglet.  “It’s okay,” she whispered.  “I’ll protect you.”

The shovel missed her by an inch and fell to the ground with a thud.  The human screamed even louder, and crashed to the ground next to her.  Flower rose and turned to see that brave Rene had flown into the human’s face, “Run,” he chirped.  “Take the piglet.  RUN!”

The human was batting at Rene with one fist and trying to cover its eyes with the other.  Flower untangled the piglet and sent him on his way.  She ran to Rene’s side and they pecked at the human, feeling every blow against their feathery bodies, their fragile wings.  Once the piglet had been grabbed by one of the hens, the roosters, who had seen what was happening, jumped into the fray and helped in the attack, until the others had disappeared from sight.

The rooster squawked and the chicklets and roosters leapt away from the human and ran flat out, bodies bent forward, wings tucked in.  By the time the human was on its feet, the chicklets and roosters were gone.

The terrified pigs crashed through the entrance to The Coop and fell to the ground.  Exhausted and afraid, they made high pitched sounds of panic.  But soon the magical peacefulness of The Coop covered them and they began to grunt contentedly, happy to be safe at last.  The hens began leading the pigs away, their piglets by their sides.

Flower and Rene walked toward the kitchen.

“We did good,” chirped Flower cheerfully.

“We did,” answered Rene.  “You were wonderful, Flower.  You threw yourself over the piglet to save him.  I love you.”

“What about you?  You attacked a big human.  You tried to save the piglet AND me.  I love you too, silly.”

“Are you hungry?” peeped Rene.

“Starving,” she sighed.  “You?’

“Always,” he chirped happily.

“How’s your wing?  It looks all droopy.”

“I think it’s broken but I’m fine,” smiled Rene.  “What about your leg?”

“No problem,” she peeped, limping toward him.  “Do you want to visit the Rubber Ducks later?”


“Then we can decide who to rescue tomorrow,” chirped Flower merrily.




The rescue…part 2

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Sage spent fifteen minutes telling Flower and Rene how dangerous leaving The Coop had been.  She told them they could have been hurt, killed or even captured.  She said that the entire Coop was worried about them.  She said that they are loved so very much and  that everyone was frantic, when they couldn’t find them.  She told them they were never to do anything like that again.

The chicklets listened politely and then Flower raised her wing.

“Yes?” said Sage.

“Shouldn’t we be more worried about the hens and chicklets who are being tortured? I love them, don’t you?  I’m worried about them, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I do love them and I am worried about them,” said Sage quickly.  “But you’re chicklets. The hens and roosters have to do those kinds of dangerous and difficult things.”

“But no one was doing those kinds of dangerous and difficult things,” said Flower flatly.  “How long should they have to wait to be rescued?  I want the suffering to stop.”

“We all do,” sighed Sage miserably.

“Well,” said Flower, “Rene and I are stopping it.”

“You are too young,” said Sage wearily, “You’re just wee chicklets.”

“It doesn’t matter who saves them,” said Rene boldly.  “Someone has to do it and Flower is right, we can’t let chickens and chicklets live in fear, while they are being tortured and killed, their eggs stolen.   We are going back for the pigs and piglets, as well.”

“Humans have no heart,” said Flower sadly.  “They don’t know how to love.  They believe that we are nothing, that we have no feelings, suffer no pain.  Humans don’t care, even about each other.  That’s why we have to save the others.”

“We are going for the pigs tonight,” said Rene, matter-of-factly.  “It’s the right thing to do.  After that, we will go to the next place and the place after that.  We won’t stop until all of the animals are free.”

Flower turned toward Rene.  She rubbed her beak lightly against his and whispered, “Rene, you are the bravest chicklet in the entire world.”

“I’m not, Flower. You are,” he said knowingly.

“You’re wrong,” she said, leaning against him.  “I was born a superhero.  You, my sweet Rene, had to find your superhero and bring him to life and that takes true courage.”

“We will save all of them,” said Rene confidently.  “We will go back as many times as we must, but we will save the pigs and piglets and the bunnies, lambs and goats as well.  We will save the horses and cows too.”

“We will, Rene,” said Flower. “I love you.”

“I know that, silly,” said Rene.  “I love you, as well.  I love you because you are brave.”  Rene looked down at his shoes for a moment and then added, “Your beautiful too, Flower.  Inside and out.”

“I’ll talk to the others,” said Sage softly, as she walked toward the door.  “You won’t have to go alone.”




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by hitandrun1964

The rescue…Part 1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASuperhero, Flower, heard about the terrible abuse of hens and chicklets in a farm not too far from The Coop.  No one is allowed to leave The Coop without the knowledge of the hens and roosters.  Flower felt that their permission was unnecessary, however, so she rolled in the dirt until she was completely covered in dust.  She had already painted her wagon gray, and once she was was ready, she turned toward Rene.  Flower was humming with energy, Rene was trembling with terror.  She smiled at Rene, chirped a word of love and rubbed his beak with hers.  Rene made his choice.  He fell to the ground and began to roll around.  He rubbed his spoon with dirt and stood before Flower.  She chirped happily and, taking hold of of her wagon’s handle, made her way toward the front gate.

Getting out of The Coop wasn’t easy. The hens are always around and they see everything.   Eventually, with great stealth, Flower and Rene made their way to the neighboring farm.  They snuck into the barn, where the chickens were being held, and stopped dead in their tracks.  They were overcome with horror, neither one of them could move.   The hens were caged and smashed together, broken and hopeless. Their beaks cut off, their feathers filthy and missing. There was no noise, just the smell of misery and death.   Eggs were laying in troths, waiting to be stolen by humans.

Flower began to pant, rage, something she had never known, seemed to overtake her.  She moved quickly, Rene by her side.  They released the hens, gathered the eggs and ran for it.  Many of the hens were too sick to move.  They helped them the best they could and hid the them under plants and bushes, by the side of the road.  They took those who could walk, back to The Coop.

All of the lights were blazing and everyone was running around searching for the them.  The hens were sick with fear, but when they saw Flower and Rene pulling their wagon and helping the sick and wounded hens, they sprang into action and ran to help their new guests.  Rene spoke to the Roosters and told them where to find the sick and well hidden hens.  The Roosters left immediately, several hens went along, taking medical supplies with them.

Everyone was up all night.  The hens bathed the newcomers and dressed their wounds.  The eggs were taken to the nursery.  The rescued hens were wrapped in warm blankets and huddled together, afraid to be separated from their cage mates.  Several hens went to the kitchen and began baking cornbread and making oatmeal.  The tortured hens were fed and given anything and everything they needed.

Flower and Rene had been told to wait in the art room.  Flower stated painting FREE THE HENS and SAVE THE CHICKLETS on the wall in red paint.  Rene sat quietly, holding his spoon.

“Flower,” he chirped softly.  “I love you.”

“I know silly,” she peeped.  “I love you as well.  I love you because you are brave.”

Rene looked down.  He knew he wasn’t brave but he thought that maybe he could be.  Not as brave as Flower, but brave in his own way.  He bit his spoon and started kicking his feet.  He knew that Flower meant what she said.  He thought for another few minutes then got up and walked toward Flower.

“Thank you,” he chirped.

“For what?” she asked, adding yellow to her graffiti.

“For everything,” chirped Rene, putting down his spoon.  “You really are a superhero Flower.”

Flower put down her paintbrush and rubbed beaks with Rene  “We’re all superheroes, Rene, it just takes some of us longer to realize it.”


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by hitandrun1964