The rehearsal and the Duckmas tree…


One of the ducks came out to get me.  She said they were going to practice and wanted an honest opinion about their choice of songs.  I said sure, why not.  They had their tree up, on the edge of the tub.  I said I loved it but it might be in a dangerous place.  They scoffed and said, they were cool with it’s placement, so I said great, let’s hear the songs.

The concert lasted exactly thirty-two minutes and it was wonderful.  All the ducks and ducklings were in fine voice.  They quacked Ducky the Snowduck, something called Duck, Duck, Goose at Duckmas,   Carol of the Ducks, Deck the Pond and several songs that were not as well known.  The chicklets will love it.


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by hitandrun1964

Reindeer tryouts are being held today…


Sage and Sweet Pea are helping Greg get ready for the reindeer tryouts that are being held later today.  Greg is hoping to be Dancer but said that he would also take the role of Comet, if Dancer wasn’t available.  The chicklets are positive that he will be fabulous, no matter which part he plays.

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by hitandrun1964

Gerald Burleigh and Joseph Delaney…


Gerald and Joe were best friends.  They did everything together.  Gerald was happy and upbeat, while Joe needed more information about things before his mood became apparent.

It was Christmastime and that meant presents and parties.  It meant family and children.  Gerald looked forward to choosing the perfect gift for the people in his life.  Joe couldn’t wait until the holidays were over…all of them.  He didn’t like being ‘Uncle Joe,’ nor did he like to watch people open the gifts he purchased because he was afraid that he would see disappointment on their faces.  So this year he decided to take a trip, rather than endure one more Christmas at home.

Gerald, a confirmed bachelor, who never wanted to be tied down, well, sometimes he actually enjoyed that, but you know what I mean.  Anyway, Gerald was busy decorating his flat and ordering champagne.  He called the florist and  purchased gifts.  He had everything professionally wrapped and the packages were beautiful.  Joe asked him to accompany him on his trip but Gerald declined, saying that he wouldn’t want to miss all the fun.

As the holiday drew nearer, Joe bought a new suitcase and began to pack.  He was going to Paris for two weeks and then he was off to Rome.  He was staying at his favorite hotels and eating in his favorite restaurants.  He told some of his friends that he would be in town and set up a dinner date or two.  He bought a book of poems for Nannette and a sterling silver cigarette case for Ian.  He was excited to get away from the noise and hustle of Noel.

Gerald chose a lovely gold watch for his beautiful sister and a monogrammed robe for his brother-in-law.  He ordered toys for their children, purchased a painting for his mother, and candy for his aunties.  Gerald was delighted with his schedule and could barely wait for the fun to begin.

The streets were lightly dusted with snow and carolers were singing in the streets, the light from the lampposts  creating a halo around them as they sang.  Gerald was happy to put coins into their hat and wish them a Merry Christmas.  The shop windows were decorated and filled with beautiful items that would fit perfectly under a tree.  Everything was just as it should be, thought Gerald.  Life was perfect.

Joe was having the time of his life.  He spent a wonderful evening with Nannette and Ian. They drank and laughed well into the night.  Nannette read several poems aloud and a sweet silence fell over them, as they thought about the meaning of the words.  Everything was just as it should be, thought Joe. Life was perfect.

Gerald spent December 24th with his family, eating and opening gifts.  He put on a puppet show for the children and danced with his sister, while everyone applauded and swayed in place.  Stories were told of those long gone, after which Gerald played the piano and everyone sang their favorite songs.  Everything was just as it should be, thought Gerald.  Life was perfect.

Joe spent December 24th walking through the empty streets of Paris.  He walked past Shakespeare and Company on his way to Notre Dam, then continued along the Seine.  He inhaled deeply and took the cold air of Paris into his lungs.  He looked up at the windows, their lamps lit, families celebrating together.  He smiled.  He went to his favorite place, the Eiffel Tower, and sat on a bench, overcome with the beauty in front of him.   He had never had such a wonderful Christmas.  Everything was just as it should be, thought Joe. Life was perfect.



During this wonderful holiday season, remember that we are all different and happiness comes to us in different ways.  If we do what is right for ourselves, then everything will be just as it should be and life will be perfect.

And, if we truly love the people in our lives we will we will want them to be happy doing whatever makes them feel the same way.  🙂

The concert…


Sandra, the Rubber Duck, went to The Coop to tell everyone that the Rubber Duck Colony would be more than happy to give a short, but merry concert at the Chickmas Party.  She told Devin that the ducks would like to spend Duckmas at The Coop, if they wouldn’t be any bother.  The chicklets were thrilled and, upon their arrival, the ducks will be welcomed with open wings.  There is plenty of room in the Rubber Duck Pond for everyone.  Sandra is on her way home to tell the others the good news and set up practice times.


***The Rubber Ducks have been practicing, in the bathroom, and I must say, they are surprisingly good.  I’m sure their contribution to the Chickmas party will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

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by hitandrun1964

Magic of Christmas

I wrote a letter to Dear Old Santa
For the child in me still believes
The magic of Christmas to grant a wish
A ride on a sleigh o’er trees

Faithfully I stand by the mailbox
Awaiting his response of yes
I’ll take you where you long to go
It’d be my pleasure to have a guest

I imagine your surprise at Christmas
When I’m covered from head to toe
Soot may disguise this woman child
But I’ll clean up real nice in snow

What say you to this proposal
Will there be room beneath your tree
If Santa can drop me off
Will you spend some time with me

(Yes, I am feeling rather playful!)

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by busymindthinking

Inviting People In: Santa Hat Chronicles


I don’t know why I’m ever surprised. Each year for more than a decade, when I put on my Santa Hat for the holidays I am inundated with human connections.

It’s especially intriguing to me as I was just marveling at the unbelievable amount of information that floods our lives today. Amazing…and often overwhelming.

But as cool as all of the burgeoning stimulation can be from the computer, TV and social media, it’s fundamentally different from the experiences that I have every day I wear this Santa Hat. That I treasure every day I wear this Santa Hat.

The comments and confidences, the jokes and smiles are fundamentally different because these fleeting moments of connection are HUMAN. For sheer warmth and enchantment, talking or smiling with someone in the flesh always gets my vote.

My experiences remind me that a magical and magnificent thing about people is that they’re drawn to make connections with people. If we look at the endlessly popular institutions of the local pub or café or coffee shop, we know that folks yearn to make that human connection, if only for a brief, but shining, moment.

So, as I head out on my walks and run my errands and meet for tea and shop for groceries and take out the garbage, I appreciate once again this year that when I don my iconic Hat, I am hanging out an invitation: Connection Welcome! Bantering, playing, exchanging goodwill? BRING IT.

And I am inexpressibly grateful that time and time again, my invitation is accepted with warmth, humor, openness, generosity, and grace. From the older gent grinning at me in the parking lot as he wished me a great day to the cashier at Home Depot who waxed poetic about the holidays to the little children who call out breathlessly “Hi, Santa!”

The magic ingredient of the Santa Hat? It’s humanity.


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