This is what Peace and Love look like


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This is what peace and love LOOK like. How can we turn a child into a killer? What does it take to do that? It takes greed, it takes rich men, it takes hatred and power, it takes GOVERNMENT and institutions, and culture and training to turn a child into a killer. It takes lies and propaganda and brainwashing and conditioning to turn a child into a killer. That’s what it takes. That’s what we do.


by hitandrun1964

Think about it…

Rethinking Life

our illustrious “leaders” and heads of state
would have us believe that we live in a world of


when, in fact, our world is overflowing with


our “leaders,” and heads of state


the world’s resources and because they do
many people know only

starvation, poverty, scarcity, disease and


if we believe their lies, they can get us to


for THEIR greedy causes

because look around you
there is abundance everywhere
just not for us

just for the greedy, insatiable leaders
who do everything for their OWN good

and all the while
they sit back and pull their strings
as the world wars on
and people everywhere




It’s time that we work, not fight, for peace.  We have to end the fighting, we have to work for peace.  We need new pictures in our heads and around us…we need new stories…

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