Freedom cannot be erased by hate


The chicklets are very upset by what happened in Paris.  They wanted the humans to know that they hope artists will not stop creating.  I explained that things like this just make people stronger….more cartoons and artwork will continue to come from all over the world.  They were happy to hear that, and while they cannot understand humans, and the way they kill everything, they are happy to know that artists will not be silenced.

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by hitandrun1964

Get a Gun


“The global model
Semi-automatic rifles
Any gun will do

Enlightened by 7.62
Humanity pulse weakens
Empty consciousness

Embrace the moment
Adult worthiness declines
Communal virus spreading

Children lock and load
But no pole dancing allowed
Can’t send wrong message

Donations needed
No children without a gun
NRA for the details

Full auto preferred
Must be a fashion statement
Gun sellers no qualms

Elementary truth
Cause and effect has sure aim
Verdict a bulls-eye

The adult moments
A self-deception playground
Reality check”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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We Speak

We speak
We soothe, we comfort,
We bring hope where there is despair
We bring life where there is death
We speak

We speak in the voices of our ancestors
We strengthen, we encourage
We bring passion where there is apathy
We bring wisdom where there is confusion
We speak

We speak in the voices of our future
We enlighten, we educate
We bring guidance where there is no direction
We bring light where there is darkness
We speak

We speak to raise new voices
We speak to tell different stories
And so we speak

© Shery Alexander Heinis

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