Lucy and Cinnamon…a Chickmas poem

Lucy is getting ready for the Chickmas Poetry Reading and Cinnamon is humming the appropriate tune in the background, so you get the full effect of Lucy’s words. Cinnamon was going to play her saxophone but even with the mike, Lucy couldn’t chirp loud enough to be heard over the music, so they decided Cinnamon would hum instead.


Chickmas time

everyone tells me that Chickmas Time
is a very special season
a time when humans are happier
when they are kinder
when they get together
and exchange gifts
a time when they kill and eat pigs
who are beautiful and sweet animals
a time to send cards
a time to spread joy and love
(except to the pigs, of course)
a time to decorate their houses
and bake cookies

the thing is
that’s what it’s like at The Coop
almost every single day
except we love our pig friends
and would never kill or eat them
because, as I said, we love them
and we would never eat living beings
not even humans
because chicklets extend love to everyone
not just certain ones

humans shouldn’t sing joy to the world
they should sing joy to certain beings and then name them
that would be more honest
because they seem to have little regard for anyone but themselves
and even then they are on shaky ground

so during this season of parties and laughter
we chicklets will be celebrating all life
and the only wish we have
it’s the same every year
is that humans will stop killing and torturing us

Merry Chickmas to all
and unlike humans
WE really mean all

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by hitandrun1964


What if…


Picture from:  Pinterest
Kinshasa, RD Congo

What if…all the soldiers in the world were to have dinner with those they were fighting against, on December 25th.  A dinner where they would share food, pictures of their families and tell stories about the places they lived.  If they could eat together and laugh together, would they still be able to kill each other the next day?

War is about killing strangers.  If soldiers became friends would war be possible?


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by hitandrun1964

This is what Peace and Love look like


Picture from: Pinterest

This is what peace and love LOOK like. How can we turn a child into a killer? What does it take to do that? It takes greed, it takes rich men, it takes hatred and power, it takes GOVERNMENT and institutions, and culture and training to turn a child into a killer. It takes lies and propaganda and brainwashing and conditioning to turn a child into a killer. That’s what it takes. That’s what we do.


by hitandrun1964

Chicklet wisdom


When I asked the chicklets and their friends to pose for this picture and told them what the heading would say, they were confused.  They said, “Why wouldn’t someone be happy for someone else?”  I started to explain but found that I didn’t really know the answer.  Chicklets don’t understand jealously, resentment, hatred or greed.  Those words don’t exist in their world.  So I shrugged and said, “I have no idea why some people aren’t happy for others.”  They said, “We are happy for everyone because when someone is happy then we are all happy too.”  I kissed all of them and thanked them for posing.  I told them I would pass along their chirps and peeps.


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by hitandrun1964

Did but didn’t have to

She didn’t have to make his morning coffee

She doesn’t even drink coffee

But she did

He didn’t have to warm her car

Subjecting himself to the cold

But he did

He didn’t have to give up his bus seat

To a stranger

But he did

She didn’t have to offer a comforting embrace

To a mere acquaintance

But she did

He didn’t have to face that bully

To protect his classmate

But he did

She didn’t have to speak to that new student

Taking her under her wing in friendship

But she did

Did but didn’t have to

It is these choices

Which reflect your soul

And you are beautiful


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by busymindthinking

From two 5 gallon bucket size bushes, grows this sea of roses! Sharing

SeaofRoses (1 of 1)

From two 5 gallon bucket size bushes, grows this sea of roses! This home was new construction so when I moved here there was no grass and certain no flower beds. A sweet neighbor I think felt sorry for me starting from nothing and she gave me two 5 gallon size, knock out roses. It’s been 7 years and they have grown to the top of Alex’s window! I prune them and they come back twice as big each year! Alex threatens to pull them out with her jeep because they scratch on her window at night! 😀 She’s kidding of course! 😀


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by MichelleMarie