What if…kids

What if we started asking kids, who were having play dates, to talk about some simple problems in their local community, as well as communities across the globe, so that they would grow up being used to discussing, and solving, real problems with others, from childhood?

What if every school turned Friday afternoon into a time when students could present ideas to each other, concerning the problems humanity and the world faces?  What if the kids could broke up in to groups and work on the problems that interested them?

What if parents and adults became more interested in the world’s problems, and how to solve them, so that they could discuss the issues with their children?

What if brilliant guest speakers, those who were working on solving world problems, could speak, via television, to kids who were working on the same problems?  What if the kids could ask the speakers questions, and the speakers could ask questions of kids as well?  What if kinder and more gentle solutions to our problems could be found by experimenting with the ideas the kids presented?

What if kids were told the truth about war, about the people who start them, and the reason for them.  What if we just told the truth and explained that there are other ways to serve your country, as peaceful representatives, as well as becoming a warrior?  What if we presented alternatives?  What if we got them involved at a young age, writing letters  and working with kids in other countries, to solve world problems?

What if we told them the truth about governments, and institutions, and the rampant greed, power plays and death for profit mentality?  What if we taught them that money isn’t more important than clean water, safe air and food?

What if we told them the truth about the brutal suffering of animals, that are used for clothing, food, furniture and other things?  What if they knew about what they were eating and how the torture of innocent creatures was being hidden from them?  What if they were taught to respect living beings and to protect them and care for them?  What if they knew their death and torture were unnecessary?

What if we taught kids to be problem solvers, alternative seekers?  What if we taught them to always see more than one side of every issue?  What if they could see the lies for themselves and refuse to accept what was put in front of them, just because someone said they should?   What if we allowed an entire generation of kids to grow into adulthood,  truly educated and aware? What if  we allowed kids to see farther than we do?  What if we taught kids to refuse to blindly obey anyone?

What if we taught kids to reach out to those who were different than they were?  What if they learned to  seek out, and celebrate, diversity?  What if they started helping each other and didn’t care about their differences, but work together for something bigger than themselves?  What if we taught them that differences were beautiful?

What if we let kids find their creativity and learn about things that interested them?  What if we let them read the books they cared about, books that mattered to their lives?  What if we let them make their own rules for what they wanted to learn.  What if teachers had to work for and with the kids, instead of for the school and the government?  What if education was so wonderful that the kids could hardly wait to get to places of learning? What if learning/education was FREE, so that everyone could get an education, not just those with money or pull?  What if we taught kids that the ‘have nots,’ could be the’ haves,’ if only they were ALLOWED to be?  What if we taught them that an educated society was a rich and healthy society?

What if we allowed kids to be passionate about their lives?  What if they looked forward to living because they were free to be themselves and create their own way of doing things?  What if they could ask questions and not be punished for asking?

What if we stopped making kids into sheep because it’s safe?  What if we told them that the good things in life weren’t safe, because they were all about FREEDOM and freedom was something you had to fight for, if you wanted to have and keep it because the people in charge wanted all the freedom for themselves and refused to believe that there was enough to go around?  What if we taught them THAT?

What if we set them free?

What if we said, “the brainwashing stops NOW?”


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by hitandrun1964

Okay so…

I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired about hearing about all the PROBLEMS  in the entire world without having a SINGLE SOLUTION that is reasonable, workable and REALISTIC.  Instead of whining, moaning, wringing our hands and talking everything to death I think we should start with:

1.  Abolish history in all schools and call it PROBLEM SOLVING.  I believe that no one is being taught HOW TO SURVIVE AND SOLVE PROBLEMS, in any way AT ALL.  We need to teach kids how to USE THEIR GOVERNMENT AND THEIR PERSONAL POWER TO MAKE THE CHANGES THEY WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.  No more teaching ABOUT war…we need to teach how TO NEVER HAVE WARS IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Use the FAILURES (wars) of the past to teach how to not do that again.

2.  Teach, hands on, how to get laws changed.  How to form in peaceful group demonstrations.  How to write petitions and get them signed.  How to become an active part of the society they live in.  Show them examples of what changes were brought about by everyday people…how women got the vote, etc.  But, of course, you would have to update that since we are under constant surveillance today, and we are part of the electronic age.  We need new ways of doing things.

3  We need to point out the MISTAKES our GOVERNMENT makes and tell kids the TRUTH about what our government does.  GREED, KILL FOR OIL, GOODS, ETC.  WE NEED TO TEACH THEM THAT WE ARE LIED TO and that it’s up to them to stop believing what they are told and to find peaceful solutions to THEIR problems.  WE MUST START TEACHING KIDS TO NOT BE SHEEP AND BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY ARE TOLD…so they can think of ways to make the world a better place.

4.  We need to STOP CELEBRATING WAR AND VIOLENCE…in books, films and real life.

5.  We must offer alternative ways of LOOKING AT THINGS.  Feed the people of the world?  HOW CAN WE DO IT?  Tell us what can be done and how. School project…how to feed the world.  Entire school project:  HOW TO END WAR!  All grades.  Gimme whatcha got kids.  Tell us how to do it…WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD WORK?


6.  WE MUST TEACH PROBLEM SOLVING because it’s as important as reading, writing, the arts and math.  Without problem solving skills WE HAVE NO HOPE!  THEY have no hope.

We talk endless about the problems the world faces and WE DO NOTHING AT ALL (small, underfunded groups work tirelessly to make changes and I’m grateful to them), but the reason we do nothing is because WE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.


8.  WE HAVE TO STEP UP AND DEMAND THAT OUR SCHOOLS WORK FOR OUR KIDS AND TEACH THEM LIFE SKILLS TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE AND STOP REPEATING WAR STORIES AND HERO WORSHIP FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT GOOD PEOPLE BEHIND THE SCENES.  Kids need to build their own schools from the inside.  Their input should be paramount.  They need committees to meet with teachers and staff and discuss student rights and subject matter AND NOT JUST THE HONOR STUDENTS.  EVERY STUDENT GROUP NEEDS REPRESENTATION.  They need to be able to speak up about abusive and bad teachers.  They need to BE PART OF THEIR OWN EVERY DAY LIFE AND EDUCATION.  TEACHERS NEED TO BE EDUCATED ON HOW TO TEACH PROBLEM SOLVING.

9.  We need to stop lying to ourselves and to our children, if we are serious about bringing about any kind of change in the world or our own backyards.  We need to be role models and show our kids that we CARE, and are willing to take action, to solve the world’s problems.  Watching TV doesn’t TEACH OUR KIDS ANYTHING AT ALL.  Taking them to a demonstration or rally will open their eyes to new possibilities.  We need to tell our kids the truth and overturn the gossip and lies they hear on TV or from others.  Lies about gender, race, age…lies, etc.  We can’t afford to just, “let it go.”

10.  People are starving all over the world…and?  What, exactly,  are we supposed to do about that?  Do you know?  Can you trust the charities that say they will help, but actually keep the money for themselves?  Who can we trust?  How can we feed people?  Did any teacher ever teach you how to problem solve that one?  How about your parents?  Anyone?  OR WERE YOU FORCE FED SOCIETIES RULES AND GOALS, SO THAT YOU WOULD STAND IN LINE AND WAIT TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO NEXT? BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SCHOOLS TEACH.  Nice little robot.  If you don’t follow the rules…punishment follows (just like in real life).  Where’s the punishment for our government?  Who punishes them for our war torn, poisoned, starving earth?  Regular people don’t start wars.  You and I can’t start a war that will kill thousands upon thousands of our kids…nope, that’s our friendly government who doesn’t ask us our opinion…they just take our kids.  Who punishes them?  Who has any power OVER them?  Who can CONTROL them?  Aren’t they supposed to WORK FOR US?

11.  We need to put up or shut up (from my sorted teen age past).  Put our money where our mouths are or stop talking about the misery and suffering and get over it.  Talking doesn’t help anyone.  It make people even more depressed than they already are.  Come up with workable solutions to ANY of our problems and let us know what we can actually DO to make a difference or PLEASE STOP SHOVING IT IN OUR FACES.  Imagine a world where no one watched the news.  NO ONE.  Seriously…think about that.  I haven’t watched in years.  They can’t manipulate you and lie to you unless you let them.  They can’t make you HATE ANYONE, if you stop watching. The guys who OWN the stations ALLOW you to SEE WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO SEE.  That’s the absolute truth.  People aren’t watching news they are being manipulated and brainwashed. So, stop watching.  We won’t even know we went to war.  Maybe no one will show up.  Every time you see a political figure, change the channel and watch cartoons, there’s more truth in what the cartoon characters say, than the acting you’ll see with the other guy.

Think about these things.  Think about how you were NEVER taught to make changes in the world.  Think about what you can do to bring about change, tax big businesses that pollute our air and water and kill our kids…think about what you can do about THAT.  Teach your kids the TRUTH.  They have to take care of their own world by wrenching it out of the hands of rich, white, males who are too powerful for their own good.  Teach your kids that if they want a better world, if they want peace and food for everyone, that THEY WILL HAVE TO BE THE ONES TO MAKE IT HAPPEN because we have let them down.  We are leaving our kids a terrible legacy.  A poisoned planet, run by greedy, thoughtless power-hungry people and our schools are in step with that.  Law and Order, follow the rules, do as your told…baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Stop being part of the problem.  Work for change in your school.  Go to them individually.  Get guest speakers, BE A GUEST SPEAKER, tell the kids what they’re up against and that they need to THINK of ways to make things better FOR THEMSELVES BECAUSE WE HAVE MADE A MESS OF THINGS!

Oh, and don’t forget to tell them how dangerous it will be to work for peace.  How dangerous it will be for them to try and bring about positive changes in the world.  Because it will be. I have been an activist for most of my life, so I know. And tell them how long it might take, because they will be fought, by powerful forces who will kill to keep the status quo in place.  It is dangerous.  It is tough.  They will be told that it’s impossible, but truthfully, the alternative is slavery of the entire human race.  But you know what?  If our choices lead us to that end, people will forget what freedom was ever like, so no worries…most people hardly know that’s already begun.   The time has truly come to make a choice.  There are always turning points in her/history…I think this is one of them, but of course, we all have to decide for ourselves…at least while we still can.

Um, have a nice day.

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by hitandrun1964

Sustainable Equilibrium

A thoughtful post by Brenda Barrett discusses the possibility that restrained growth may be the new normal.

I tend to agree and believe that it is very important that we as individuals, communities and countries embrace new models of living based on sustainability. This is what I am calling sustainable equilibrium. 

In other words, will we live in harmony with our precious planet, exercising balance and constraint?


I hold hope and vision for a sustainable future based on gentler ways of living with more sharing, cooperation, focus on quality of life and the good of all society and planet as our guides. May we move away from focusing on the accumulation of wealth, economic growth and individual gain as our main guides and gods. They have proved to be false gods. Much like the ego, they don’t embrace the power and potential of the whole. -muse brad

Brenda refers to the ideas of Nate Hagen about our current situation. He believes that economic growth may be fading away due to over-consumption of resources, negative environmental impacts like climate change, and excess debt. He argues that we have maxed out on economic growth and resource consumption. She also sites a book by Tim Jackson who believes that we need to re-define prosperity as something that is more meaningful, less materialistic and less reliant on growth.

Japan gives us clues as to how we might face this new model of living. Despite little to no economic growth for two decades, Japan has adjusted and continued to bring quality of life to most of it’s citizens.  Of course, it helps that they have a cultural bias toward living for the good of society. Brenda also quotes Junko Edahiro who suggests the need to live for happiness and higher purpose. A higher purpose that can replace the goals of personal gain and country economic growth with ones that benefit all.

As we evolve individually and collectively toward more holistic ways of living that include the good of each other and the planet, we will be inspired to design new and better ways of living sustainably. I’m game. Are you?

Here are two fun videos on whimsy to remind us the joy of creativity well applied.

Let’s use our creativity to design fun, sustainable ways of living for a sustainable equilibrium.


Writing to Freedom

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image courtesy Fotolia

so many different faces
coming from a myriad of places
to occupy the vast spaces
of this new land.
joyful faces
worn faces
fearful faces
hopeful faces
forsaking ancient histories
weaving new patterns of life
designing the face of the future
creating a yet untold story.

© Shery Alexander Heinis

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