Personal peace

We each find peace
in our own way

I find peace
by spending a
lot of time alone

More and more
the outside world
tries to intrude
on my peace of mind

Twenty-four hour
tragedy, misery, disease
hatefulness and violence
screams at all of us
day in and day out

It’s difficult to keep one’s equilibrium
when surrounded by all that cruelty
so I try not let it into my life

I don’t let nasty and negative people
poison my life either
no matter their relationship

Standing up for what I believe in
the right for women, children and animals to
live without fear
to live in peace
helps me be peaceful because I know
in my heart
that I’m not ignoring what has to be done
in order to bring peace to others

Creating gives me peace
and saved my life

Nature brings me peace

being surrounded by books
and art
brings me peace

Having fun
singing really loud
are all things
that bring peace into my life

I make sure that my surroundings
wrap me in a cocoon of peace
that my home is a place of comfort
and beauty
a place where I can think
and recharge

The people and animals
I love bring me joy
not necessarily peace

These are some of the things
that make my life peaceful
and worth living


by hitandrun1964


The Plight of Progress

pic for Expectations

We are encouraged to climb
Ascend to perfection
To cerulean skies, cumulus clouds
Where reality resembles
A third grader’s painting
In primary colours

This is footing for fools
Surety snaps in an instant
Like brittle branches of the oak
And still we fall gracefully
Earthbound by the weight
Of our own hesitations

Then how does hope grow
In ancient shadows
Of deadwood and doom?
By the healing embrace of the sun
By the beckoning call of the moon
One does rise up


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especially in times of dark

but especially in times of dark,
encroaching space,
my hope alights and leans
on an enduring faith
in the human spirit
and the myriad illumined pockets
of kindness and enlightened thought.
They are as the stars in a night sky:
escape the density of beamed artifice
and they are constant; visible.
For the heart sees what it looks for
as much as does the mind’s lensed eye.


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Looking For Peace

I am looking for peace in my life. If I could I would try to find peace for everyone everywhere on earth. But unfortunately I can not influence this. There is so much going on out there. And I am not just talking about all the wars and the fights. I am talking about the rush and the noise and the all the tiny little hectic bits we constantly deal with.

I want peace in my life. And the only person who can bring peace to my life is me.

And this is how I do it:

I believe in it


I search and I find it in nature

EagleRule Of ThirdsBitter SweetEmerald3

hike, snake1IMG_8232Deserted beachwaterNatureHeartSeagulCruising


Or I find it in a beautiful sunset

CloudSunsetSunset GoldpersimmonIIserenityPeaceSometimes, I just have to dance in the rain

RainRaindropsIMG_6502And if that does not help, I just look in my children’s eyes and listen to their laughter and I feel peace. Peace in my soul and in my heart.


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Towards peace.

Darkness broods in this small room,

and I read fellow poets pains

and know that the sun will

shine warm tomorrow as it

pops over the mountains

with such unexpected grace

to bring us all warmth,

hope, a smile and the courage

to carry on and get to

state of sharing

smiles and happiness,

as we help each other and world

come to terms its struggles.


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Our Individual Paths to Peace

When we begin our journeys in this life, I don’t think we really have a concept of peace. As children and teens, we are looking for other things in our lives. Without peace, life can seem dull, cruel and worthless. As we find our peace within, we see more and more of what is really happening in our lives. With inner peace, we can survive more easily the hits the world sends our way.

So we are on our path and we decide we need inner peace. Well, then what? There is an inner landscape within us that is a source of peace if we but spend time there. Our peace takes choices: Do we hate or forgive? Do we judge others or accept them as they are? Do we look at others and think they are less than we are? Why would we do that? Because their skin color is different, they are less educated, because their clothes seem strange? We can’t look at others in a peaceful manner unless we are filled with peace ourselves.

What happens when others believe differently than we do? Do we fight? Do we make a judgment? No, we reach into our inner peace and spread some around us. We spread peace and everything becomes lighter. We spread peace and hope rises up like a beacon in the darkness. We spread peace and we become calmer and easier to deal with.

When we can live in peace, we look around us and see some very rare gifts we might have missed otherwise. I do not believe there is just one way to find inner peace. For myself, as I looked around at the world I saw dichotomies of peace and hate. Every time I did not choose hate, I found a little more peace within me. Every time I did not judge others harshly, my life grew more comfortable and peaceful.

Every time I helped someone else with a problem, a problem in my own life grew smaller and I felt better. Every time I committed a random act of kindness, one would unexpectedly return to me. Time after time, year after year, I got more comfortable with this huge cushion of peace in my life. When someone was mean, cruel or nasty, I found that I just sunk deeper into the cushion of peace that had formed around me.

Does this mean nothing ever hurts me or upsets me? No, it doesn’t, but it gets easier feel the inner peace than the hurt feelings. It is easier to reach out to others in kindness than anger. The peace we carry within is like a pebble we throw into a pond: as it ripples out in ever widening circles, it touches more and more people. Their inner peace flows outward to us and we become stronger in our own peace. It is a cycle in the wheel of life. The inner peace flows outward and touches those who need it. The cycle never stops.


GerberGerber Daisy, grown and painted by Barbara Mattio. Acrylic paint on canvas, copyright 2009