I have made some merchandise for a pop up bar my friends and I did the last 2 weeks to promote positivity through the creatives arts.
The Lotus symbolizes purity of speech, of the body, and of the mind.
Peace in the world and inner peace can be achieved through spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
Set you spirit free,
Tiffany Choong

Did but didn’t have to

She didn’t have to make his morning coffee

She doesn’t even drink coffee

But she did

He didn’t have to warm her car

Subjecting himself to the cold

But he did

He didn’t have to give up his bus seat

To a stranger

But he did

She didn’t have to offer a comforting embrace

To a mere acquaintance

But she did

He didn’t have to face that bully

To protect his classmate

But he did

She didn’t have to speak to that new student

Taking her under her wing in friendship

But she did

Did but didn’t have to

It is these choices

Which reflect your soul

And you are beautiful


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by busymindthinking

Seeking Solitude

photo inspiration provided by Leo Oras

photo provided by Leo Oras


how I long for a place like that my time

in which to spend

a glorious, peaceful, isolated place

-of mountain, lake and wind

where my weary mind can rest and

my battered soul can mend

surrounded by nature’s beauty that my

imagination cannot transcend

no one else around to inflict with me,

no one else with which to pretend

Melanie Thomason

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