Lucy and Cinnamon…a Chickmas poem

Lucy is getting ready for the Chickmas Poetry Reading and Cinnamon is humming the appropriate tune in the background, so you get the full effect of Lucy’s words. Cinnamon was going to play her saxophone but even with the mike, Lucy couldn’t chirp loud enough to be heard over the music, so they decided Cinnamon would hum instead.


Chickmas time

everyone tells me that Chickmas Time
is a very special season
a time when humans are happier
when they are kinder
when they get together
and exchange gifts
a time when they kill and eat pigs
who are beautiful and sweet animals
a time to send cards
a time to spread joy and love
(except to the pigs, of course)
a time to decorate their houses
and bake cookies

the thing is
that’s what it’s like at The Coop
almost every single day
except we love our pig friends
and would never kill or eat them
because, as I said, we love them
and we would never eat living beings
not even humans
because chicklets extend love to everyone
not just certain ones

humans shouldn’t sing joy to the world
they should sing joy to certain beings and then name them
that would be more honest
because they seem to have little regard for anyone but themselves
and even then they are on shaky ground

so during this season of parties and laughter
we chicklets will be celebrating all life
and the only wish we have
it’s the same every year
is that humans will stop killing and torturing us

Merry Chickmas to all
and unlike humans
WE really mean all

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by hitandrun1964


Compassionately Converging


“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” – Maya Angelou

♥ ♥ ♥

In my dreams

Humanity doesn’t just bustle by one another

We initiate inspiriting impressions

Sans preoccupation or fear of repudiation

Greeting one another joyfully

Sharing a smile

A funny tale

Or maybe even swapping life stories

Commonalities dissolving differences

Respectful minds OPEN



Approachable hearts expanding

Celebrating varying viewpoints and insightful interpretations

No matter how contrasting

Laughter and tears uniting

Difficult situations drawing us closer

Providing opportunity to stand in each other’s shoes

Appreciating the pain

While boldly rebuffing the destructive “us versus them” mentality

Bridging every gap in our power

Mindful we’re in this together

Spreading kindness rather than antagonism

Compassionately converging

♥ ♥ ♥

(Photo from my latest travels: Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Northern Ireland)

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Luggage Lady

we, women














We, women

we aren’t

the “weaker”

the “fairer”

the “lesser”

we are

the mother

we are

life itself

no man could exist

no boy child would be birthed



Take back your power

Take back your control

We, women

we are the teachers

We, women

we are the nurturers

We can make change happen

Take action

Teach responsibility, not blame

Teach love, not hate

Teach peace, not war

Teach equality

Teach your children

both feminine

and masculine

that they are enough

that their lives are their own

and that they alone

can define

who and what they are

that they alone can define

what happiness and love

look like to them

that they can choose not to

continue a cycle of violence

but live instead in peace.

~Melanie Thomason

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Words matter!

I asked the chicklets if they would help me with this months Artists4Peace and they said, “Sure, it sounds like an interesting thing to do. So they got to work.







Arnold said that mean, violent and hurtful words break hearts and make everyone feel sad and blue, even Checkers the dog. Arlene said that kind and loving words make everyone feel happy and sunny. They agreed that words matter and that they should be used to be nice to others and bring peace to all living beings. They don’t use hurtful words at The Coop because they believe in love and joy.


by hitandrun1964

Inviting People In: Santa Hat Chronicles


I don’t know why I’m ever surprised. Each year for more than a decade, when I put on my Santa Hat for the holidays I am inundated with human connections.

It’s especially intriguing to me as I was just marveling at the unbelievable amount of information that floods our lives today. Amazing…and often overwhelming.

But as cool as all of the burgeoning stimulation can be from the computer, TV and social media, it’s fundamentally different from the experiences that I have every day I wear this Santa Hat. That I treasure every day I wear this Santa Hat.

The comments and confidences, the jokes and smiles are fundamentally different because these fleeting moments of connection are HUMAN. For sheer warmth and enchantment, talking or smiling with someone in the flesh always gets my vote.

My experiences remind me that a magical and magnificent thing about people is that they’re drawn to make connections with people. If we look at the endlessly popular institutions of the local pub or café or coffee shop, we know that folks yearn to make that human connection, if only for a brief, but shining, moment.

So, as I head out on my walks and run my errands and meet for tea and shop for groceries and take out the garbage, I appreciate once again this year that when I don my iconic Hat, I am hanging out an invitation: Connection Welcome! Bantering, playing, exchanging goodwill? BRING IT.

And I am inexpressibly grateful that time and time again, my invitation is accepted with warmth, humor, openness, generosity, and grace. From the older gent grinning at me in the parking lot as he wished me a great day to the cashier at Home Depot who waxed poetic about the holidays to the little children who call out breathlessly “Hi, Santa!”

The magic ingredient of the Santa Hat? It’s humanity.


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