a thought


i saw a tear fall from the sun today

as she sat up in the sky –

looking down at all the discord in the world

who can blame her for wanting to cry?


so much sadness,




all around

how could she want to shine her rays?

to me

it seems that space is more fun –

playing games with the moon all day.




she rises every morning


it cannot ALL be despair that she sees.

there must be

hope and love

in the world –

a tear of joy from the sun –

could it be?

tear three

Pee speeks Peece!


Sydnee Pee for Peace!




Pee has many faces – wears many hats – is a very busy young lady.  Sometimes, however, she feels the ‘need to speek’ her mind.  In knowing that she has gained some prominence in the super model world, Sydnee Pee told me that she wants to put her fame to good use – for the betterment of all mankind and animal kind.

So, with Pee’s ‘need to speek’ and wanting to contribute in her own special way to Artists4Peace, Pee dove into her inner flower child, found my lucky peace charm, put it on her head, took a picture, sent it to MichelleMarie for artistic interpretation, then gave it to her manager (aka yours truly Sydnee Pee’s post host) to post!

I say – let’s join Pee – shall we?


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