(2) The Peace Generation — LOVE OR FEAR

(2) There are ALWAYS two choices: love or fear. If you want peace then CHOOSE LOVE.

sleepy gosling lake2Love leads to peace. So how do you know you’ve chosen love rather than fear? Its easy — you will be at peace with the decision. There may seem to be chaos for a time around your decision. But you will be at peace. So what good is fear? Fear shows us the boundaries we should establish so that we can love freely without being hurt or surrendering our right to a peaceful existence.

Image5coyoteVery young children don’t need to be taught this. They know who they want to hug or play with. We as adults sometimes teach them otherwise. If a child’s instinct said love this coyote from a distance — would we as adults insist the child hug the coyote? Hopefully not. If a child’s instinct said to love one of our friends or relatives from a distance — would we as adults insist the child hug that adult ? It happens.

Canada Geese Goslings Lake NeatahwantaImagine a family gathering and a great-aunt or uncle opens their arms for a three-year old to run over and give them a big hug. The child backs up into the parent’s legs. What does the parent do? Decide the child needs to show the relative love and literally nudge them toward the relative to give the unwanted hug?

The nudging parent acted out of fear. The child acted out of self-love and chose peace. Pushing the child away and toward what or whom they feared vetoed the child’s instinct. Why the nudge? The parent wasn’t AT peace with the situation but rather trying to KEEP the peace. A few moments of chaos might ensue because of the child’s decision but the child would have been at peace. It may never come to light why the child backed away. Maybe the relative is intrinsically not a nice person or maybe the relative had a spider dangling over their head. Either way is the child being taught to associate love with fear rather than love with peace? I think so.

Image3catsIf we push a child toward what they fear enough times we shouldn’t be surprised when we sit down to teach them about peace if they put in the ear buds and crank the volume on their music. We teach what we know. So if we want to teach our children peace — first we have to know it ourselves.

So in writing all of this I would add to what I would tell a child:

TRUST YOURSELF to know the difference between love and fear. Don’t fear fear. If it pops up — use FEAR as a guide toward PeACE and the knowledge of what boundaries need to be erected to be at peace and then let the fear go.

What would you teach a child about peace?




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(1) The Peace Generation — THERE’S A PURPOSE JUST FOR YOU

not dead zone trees Great Bear The Artists4Peace site asked for a list of 5 things that one would teach to a child about peace. This request coincided with my getting a lot of nudges from my inner guidance system to teach children spiritual stuff. It has taken me a few days to put the two together. I have continued to say to myself, But I don’t have any children in my life. What kid do you want me to teach? I’ve always preferred science to math but I finally added the two ideas together for my ah-ha moment. I don’t know what five ideas to list so I decided to start with one at a time. If you would like to read what others have listed on the Artists4Peace post click here. So to myself and all other “adults” out there wishing to have the next generation be THE PEACE GENERATION — here starts my first suggestion of what I would say to a child about peace. (please share yours in the comments).


path Great BearThere would be a lot more peace on this planet if each child was taught that it is okay for them to follow their own path. Imagine what the square peg feels like as someone tries to ram it into the round hole. Each child we try to force to conform to a purpose that is not their’s — they know the pain and futility of being the square peg. As parents/teachers/adults it might help if we fired ourselves from being the bosses of our children and instead became their tour guides. As a tour guide, we wouldn’t tell them exactly where to go or what to do when they get to their destination. We would open up the vast possibilities of the world to our children and let them decide if they want to go to Paris Texas or Paris France? If they want to get there by sitting in coach seating or by flying the plane themselves? If they love football — do they want to be the quarterback or the cheerleader or the coach or a spectator?

Ice Guardian Photo FAA Art ShowLots of times as adults we think because a child is talented at something — they win trophies or get “A’s” — that that must be their purpose and we MUST as adults do what ever it takes to ensure they advance along that path. Before you decide what path your child should pursue — ask them to talk about what you’ve chosen for them — does their face light up or do they withdraw? Do they want to tell you everything about “it” or do they change the subject? Are they waiting at the door to go to the lesson or is there a “battle” every time to get them to put their shoes on?

I got “A’s” in chemistry — but I HATE it with all my being. I was divorced and broke and needing money and I was offered a job teaching chemistry. I almost took it. I declined for myself and the children I would have taught. Those kids deserved to have a teacher who was passionate about the subject. And I deserved to fulfill my purpose. (Because I turned down that job, I was free to accept the one I wanted a short time later.)

Our children and our world will be a much more peaceful place if each and every child was told today — YOU HAVE A PURPOSE — EMBRACE IT.


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