SHE/ Sun Guardian



She is a sun Guardian.  She cares for all growing things and follows the sun, as she moves through her never-ending day, always a step ahead of the night. She is gentle and kind, caring for tender shoots and tiny, new leaves.  When necessary, she hides saplings and sprouts  from humans, who would uproot them to use for their own purposes.  She is a daughter of the Great Earth Mother and tends our earthly garden.

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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes, Spring, poetry, NaMoWriPo


I offer mother earth my thanks

for treasure beyond money in banks

trees bursting with flowers aglow

the springtime magic show


birds sing, flit and mate

their partners happy and sate

april showers steady and rife

nourishing the hidden seeds of life


once again the miracle of birth

hidden treasures from the earth

tendrils reach to the sky

lift up your third eye


let the majesty of spring

make your heart sing

open your mind

beauty and grace combined


say goodbye to strife

allow beauty into your life

be still and know

life is all aglow



My the beauty of nature touch your soul and inspire you to love, protect and enjoy this precious planet.


Writing to Freedom

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Our beautiful Earth. Can we all share her peacefully, please…?!


Not for nothing am I called Wendy from ‘Peter Pan’. For ‘Artists4peace’ I flew high into the sky, and then beyond, higher than ever before. My paper and paints floating weightless with me (was slightly problematic trying to paint, but oh what a view). Well, it was a break from painting my little Spanish pueblo…

This is of course a fantasy (and no, I am not on drugs 🙂 ) but I hope my sentiment is NOT just a fantasy. Peace and love to you all!

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