A Fairy Tale

fairy tale |ˈfɛri teɪl|(also fairy story )
a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands.
• [ as modifier ] denoting something regarded as resembling a fairy story in being magical, idealized, or extremely happy: a fairy-tale romance.
• a fabricated story, esp. one intended to deceive.

Once upon a time…all the regular people in the world got together to talk. They laughed, they cried, they ate a LOT of Ben & Jerry ice cream. They danced a bit and they slept on the ground under the stars. Sure, it was a little crowded but they didn’t care. They looked at the sky and shared stories about their lives. Some had lived through war, they had been hungry, sick and afraid, others had surfed the oceans and spread their towels on the warm sand to catch the rays. Every story was different and each person told their story to someone else. They talked about work and shared pictures of their kids, pets and families. The talked about their favorite books and movies. They talked about the past and the future. They talked and they listened.

It wasn’t long before the people of the world realized they all had things in common. It wasn’t long before they realized that their governments had lied to them about the other people of the world. It wasn’t long before the people of the world realized that there were no enemies, just other people like themselves. Sure they believed in different gods, none of whom specifically told them to go out and smite the other people of the world…only men did that, the gods were out play golf and having a good time, they had given up smiting a long time ago. Yes, they dressed differently, and ate different food but those things weren’t an issue. And after a few days they barely noticed the differences in their looks. What was an issue was the enormous amounts of money being spent on war. Money that could be spent on food shelter, clean water, education and the raising up of society in general. Questions about how government officials lived, surrounded by wealth and personal protection, came to the forefront. The people of the world came to the conclusion that officials were living off of their labor, not their own. Governments did not share, they took. They took everything, including the people they loved.

After getting to know each other and after the Ben & Jerry was long gone, some of the people wrote a letter and and sent the pages through the enormous crowd. Everyone was asked to sign her/his name as well as the country s/he represented. A hush fell over the earth as people read the letter, signed it, and passed it on. As you can imagine, the pages quickly began to pile up, so people offered to carry as many pages as they could, so that none of the pages would get lost or be overlooked. The original letter was copied and attached to stacks of signatures, so that every country on earth had an equal share. The people of the earth agreed to place the letter, along with the signatures, at their governments’ seat of power. They also agreed to stand vigil until the proper officials had read the letter and understood its meaning.

The people parted with good wishes and joy and went back to their homes and their lives. Five days later they deposited the letters and signatures as per their agreement. The people of the world stood together, joined by love, hope and the dream of a better future.

The letter read:

To: The Governments of the World

We, THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, will no longer fight among ourselves. We will no longer be part of your war machine. We will not kill for profit or greed. We will not kill for any reason. You have taken enough. The earth runs red with the blood of the people, while you play games with our lives and the lives of those we love. No more. It stops now.

Should you choose to war among yourselves, be advised that we will not stand beside you, we will not assist you in any way. From this day forth, we the people of the earth, stand together as friends with love and peace in our hearts. Our children will have no enemies, only friends. The people of the world have spoken. There will be no more war.


The people of the world

So the people of the world stood shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, against war. Many people were killed by their own governments. The people of the world were called enemies of the state, terrorists as well as other names that the governments made up to poison the hearts of the people, but the people of the world knew better. The people said that those names belonged to the those in government, not to the people of the world. And one by one, the governments fell and when they did, the people of the world realized that they had given their power away to those who had used it against them and against all the people of the world.

New heroes were made during those days. Heroes who stood strong and brave for the right of all people to live without war. Women and men held out their hands across oceans and mountains, to grasp the hands of others in peace, so that the people of the world would never again be SENT by governments to fight against each other.

There were enormous problems to be solved once the governments were gone. But the people of the world began to solved their problems together. The people of every country helped the people of every other country and their gifts, knowledge and expertise were shared. Because that’s what the people of the world chose to stand for…peace, community and friendship. They put their differences aside and concentrated on their love for their children, for the earth, for each other and for all living things. Violence among the people themselves came to an end as those who were violent were seen as aberrant in a world of peace and non-violence. And so a new age was born, an age where the people of the world chose to live in harmony. And even thought they didn’t live happily ever after, it was a start.

There are no helpless princesses, princes or white rabbits in this fairy tale. No unicorns or maidens locked in towers waiting to be saved by others. In this fairy tale the people of the world finally stood together and saved themselves.



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by hitandrun1964

What’s in your heart and what will you do with it?

A class of grade four students were invited to work on a project.
Each child had been given a heart made of wood to fill.
The heart had a removable lid so notes could be enclosed.
They were invited to include memories, thoughts, and emotions.
The decision of what to do with the box at the end – their choice.

Parents were invited to attend the big reveal.
Each student read their entries aloud to everyone.
The teacher was impressed with the variety.
Some children presented their box to a parent.
Other children decided to keep it for themselves.

Only one student remained.
As he read his entries everyone gasped.
His parents stared in shock.
The teacher was uncertain how to respond.
His entries were unlike any others.

A single word on each note.
Hate. Prejudice. War. Bullying.
There were dozens stuffed inside the box.
The teacher almost feared asking what he chose to do with it.
The room was deafening silent when he spoke.

I’d like to destroy this heart.
And all the awful things inside it.
If we can just get rid of it, we can make more hearts.
We won’t need lids though, cause they’ll be too full with love.
Anybody wanna help me?

It was a day of celebration.
Everyone wanted to be involved.
Parents and teachers were deep in thought.
A child had shown them such a different perspective.
On this occasion – everyone wanted to break a heart.



It’s always fun to play around with perception.
Smiles, hugs and blessings everyone.

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by busymindthinking

What if…kids

What if we started asking kids, who were having play dates, to talk about some simple problems in their local community, as well as communities across the globe, so that they would grow up being used to discussing, and solving, real problems with others, from childhood?

What if every school turned Friday afternoon into a time when students could present ideas to each other, concerning the problems humanity and the world faces?  What if the kids could broke up in to groups and work on the problems that interested them?

What if parents and adults became more interested in the world’s problems, and how to solve them, so that they could discuss the issues with their children?

What if brilliant guest speakers, those who were working on solving world problems, could speak, via television, to kids who were working on the same problems?  What if the kids could ask the speakers questions, and the speakers could ask questions of kids as well?  What if kinder and more gentle solutions to our problems could be found by experimenting with the ideas the kids presented?

What if kids were told the truth about war, about the people who start them, and the reason for them.  What if we just told the truth and explained that there are other ways to serve your country, as peaceful representatives, as well as becoming a warrior?  What if we presented alternatives?  What if we got them involved at a young age, writing letters  and working with kids in other countries, to solve world problems?

What if we told them the truth about governments, and institutions, and the rampant greed, power plays and death for profit mentality?  What if we taught them that money isn’t more important than clean water, safe air and food?

What if we told them the truth about the brutal suffering of animals, that are used for clothing, food, furniture and other things?  What if they knew about what they were eating and how the torture of innocent creatures was being hidden from them?  What if they were taught to respect living beings and to protect them and care for them?  What if they knew their death and torture were unnecessary?

What if we taught kids to be problem solvers, alternative seekers?  What if we taught them to always see more than one side of every issue?  What if they could see the lies for themselves and refuse to accept what was put in front of them, just because someone said they should?   What if we allowed an entire generation of kids to grow into adulthood,  truly educated and aware? What if  we allowed kids to see farther than we do?  What if we taught kids to refuse to blindly obey anyone?

What if we taught kids to reach out to those who were different than they were?  What if they learned to  seek out, and celebrate, diversity?  What if they started helping each other and didn’t care about their differences, but work together for something bigger than themselves?  What if we taught them that differences were beautiful?

What if we let kids find their creativity and learn about things that interested them?  What if we let them read the books they cared about, books that mattered to their lives?  What if we let them make their own rules for what they wanted to learn.  What if teachers had to work for and with the kids, instead of for the school and the government?  What if education was so wonderful that the kids could hardly wait to get to places of learning? What if learning/education was FREE, so that everyone could get an education, not just those with money or pull?  What if we taught kids that the ‘have nots,’ could be the’ haves,’ if only they were ALLOWED to be?  What if we taught them that an educated society was a rich and healthy society?

What if we allowed kids to be passionate about their lives?  What if they looked forward to living because they were free to be themselves and create their own way of doing things?  What if they could ask questions and not be punished for asking?

What if we stopped making kids into sheep because it’s safe?  What if we told them that the good things in life weren’t safe, because they were all about FREEDOM and freedom was something you had to fight for, if you wanted to have and keep it because the people in charge wanted all the freedom for themselves and refused to believe that there was enough to go around?  What if we taught them THAT?

What if we set them free?

What if we said, “the brainwashing stops NOW?”


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by hitandrun1964