What if…kids

What if we started asking kids, who were having play dates, to talk about some simple problems in their local community, as well as communities across the globe, so that they would grow up being used to discussing, and solving, real problems with others, from childhood?

What if every school turned Friday afternoon into a time when students could present ideas to each other, concerning the problems humanity and the world faces?  What if the kids could broke up in to groups and work on the problems that interested them?

What if parents and adults became more interested in the world’s problems, and how to solve them, so that they could discuss the issues with their children?

What if brilliant guest speakers, those who were working on solving world problems, could speak, via television, to kids who were working on the same problems?  What if the kids could ask the speakers questions, and the speakers could ask questions of kids as well?  What if kinder and more gentle solutions to our problems could be found by experimenting with the ideas the kids presented?

What if kids were told the truth about war, about the people who start them, and the reason for them.  What if we just told the truth and explained that there are other ways to serve your country, as peaceful representatives, as well as becoming a warrior?  What if we presented alternatives?  What if we got them involved at a young age, writing letters  and working with kids in other countries, to solve world problems?

What if we told them the truth about governments, and institutions, and the rampant greed, power plays and death for profit mentality?  What if we taught them that money isn’t more important than clean water, safe air and food?

What if we told them the truth about the brutal suffering of animals, that are used for clothing, food, furniture and other things?  What if they knew about what they were eating and how the torture of innocent creatures was being hidden from them?  What if they were taught to respect living beings and to protect them and care for them?  What if they knew their death and torture were unnecessary?

What if we taught kids to be problem solvers, alternative seekers?  What if we taught them to always see more than one side of every issue?  What if they could see the lies for themselves and refuse to accept what was put in front of them, just because someone said they should?   What if we allowed an entire generation of kids to grow into adulthood,  truly educated and aware? What if  we allowed kids to see farther than we do?  What if we taught kids to refuse to blindly obey anyone?

What if we taught kids to reach out to those who were different than they were?  What if they learned to  seek out, and celebrate, diversity?  What if they started helping each other and didn’t care about their differences, but work together for something bigger than themselves?  What if we taught them that differences were beautiful?

What if we let kids find their creativity and learn about things that interested them?  What if we let them read the books they cared about, books that mattered to their lives?  What if we let them make their own rules for what they wanted to learn.  What if teachers had to work for and with the kids, instead of for the school and the government?  What if education was so wonderful that the kids could hardly wait to get to places of learning? What if learning/education was FREE, so that everyone could get an education, not just those with money or pull?  What if we taught kids that the ‘have nots,’ could be the’ haves,’ if only they were ALLOWED to be?  What if we taught them that an educated society was a rich and healthy society?

What if we allowed kids to be passionate about their lives?  What if they looked forward to living because they were free to be themselves and create their own way of doing things?  What if they could ask questions and not be punished for asking?

What if we stopped making kids into sheep because it’s safe?  What if we told them that the good things in life weren’t safe, because they were all about FREEDOM and freedom was something you had to fight for, if you wanted to have and keep it because the people in charge wanted all the freedom for themselves and refused to believe that there was enough to go around?  What if we taught them THAT?

What if we set them free?

What if we said, “the brainwashing stops NOW?”


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by hitandrun1964

Mother where art thou—She was 3


By the age of 3 she had suffered some pretty serious physical abuses at the hand of her mother. It’s hard to imagine a mother striking out at her child and beating them into submission. Mothers are supposed to protect and nurture build you up not tear you down. Mothers are supposed to teach their daughters how to be a woman. Mothers are supposed to give you wings and help you fly. All her life she never knew anything but darkness. Somewhere deep inside that little 3 year old it started to rain and the sad part is her life would be filled with storms and pretty soon she would begin to accept that as normal.

She’s said I love the rain, I identify with the rain, I love gloomy days and I would ask why and she said because I identify with them. Never really knowing why because you see, she had no memories. Of course she knew her name, her family, things like that but she had no memories of being small and it bothered her when someone asked her if she remembered this or that and she had no idea what they were talking about.

She did have one memory of darkness, being surrounded by darkness. Long into adulthood one day her mother said you are a bad influence to children, you have always been bad ever since the day you were born. She said it was as if the shades were pulled back and in her minds eye she saw a little girl crouched in the corner of a dark room, covering her head with her arms, bruised, dirty and her face stained with tears. The memory she could not get out of her mind. It bothered her when she awakened in the middle of the night she saw that little girl in her mind. Sitting at her desk one day all of a sudden it was as if a flood happened in her mind and someone had turned a movie projector on fast forward all these memories came forefront to her mind. At first she sat there stunned wondering why she would think such things. She called her sister and told her of the memories in her mind and her sister said, “Mom used to do that to me.” She could not breath, she didn’t know rather to cry or scream her voice was stuck in her throat. Then out came the story her sister had to tell and she cried for her sister. She was haunted by what her sister told her and then she realized all those memories that came flooding into her mind were her memories. Her mother locked her in her room or in the closet till her dad came home because that’s what you did with little girls that were bad. She was a shameful little girl her mother would say she begged her mom not to lock her up. She crouched in the corner because next came the swatting at her wildly with her hands and fists till she lay helpless on the floor in a puddle. Screaming at the top of her lungs her mother would pace outside the door. How scared she was, how she wished her mother would be pleased with her. One time she got out of her room and went to the couch and pretended she was asleep thinking if her mother saw her sleeping sweetly she would let her stay in the living room but that was not the case.

When she grew up she became very confrontational, aggressive, suspicious, argumentative, belligerent, questioning authority, and down right mean. She picked fights with bullies. What really got under her skin were people that mistreated others she’d fight them sometimes physically other times with her words. By the time she was an adult she learned she could not go around punching the lights out of an offender so she learned how to use her words. The very words you are reading right now. Because that little 3 year old girl is me.


  • MichelleMarie

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Just words?

I’ve posted the following on wordifull.com a couple times and it bears repeating, certainly today.















verbal_abuse 2

“Why can’t you take a joke”

“You are so sensitive”

“Cry Baby”

“I wish you had never been born”

“Worthless piece of shit”

words hurt

Verbal abuse is often dismissed, overlooked or glossed over as a lesser abuse.  Not so!  Verbal abuse can cause lasting damage.  Choose and use your words wisely.

Verbal abuse can occur in any relationship regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation.


 The abuser can be a parent, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, teacher, classmate… it is about control.

sonas_a4_poster1_verbal abuse



Name Calling

Constant Criticism








Jokes at your expense





Put Downs


Silent Treatment


 As children we are taught “sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me” but that is not true. Words are weapons sometimes they cut, they bruise, they scar.


VerbalAbuse poster


Verbal abuse doesn’t always come in screaming

Sometimes it is more subtle yet still demeaning

Eroding self-confidence and self- esteem

whether silence, a whisper or a scream


~Melanie Blackwell

Chain of Violence

I don’t often write political pieces (or comment on them) because I’m painfully aware of my ignorance in this arena.  However, this month on “Artists For Peace” the topic is “Against Violence” and I felt compelled to write.

I keep reading blog posts about how we should fight against injustice and violence, etc.  They seem to think that “turning the other cheek” is about ignoring the problem or about cowardice.  However, as far as I am concerned, there is nothing braver than to meet violence with nonviolent resistance.  You cannot fight fire with fire.  That just leads to escalation, and builds up more hatred, resentment and desire for revenge: a chain of violence.  There is nothing braver than to risk it all to stand up for your belief in peace; fight with the flames of your heart.  I can’t say whether I would be brave enough to do it myself because I haven’t been tested.  Maybe I would be brave enough if my children were fully grown and independent, I don’t know.


You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.

Indira Gandhi

I know that if a nation were to give up its arms in today’s world it would be a suicidal and irresponsible thing to do.  If you live surrounded by people who bear arms then to practice non-violence is very risky.  However, I still believe that the right to not bear arms is something that we should work towards for nations and for individuals.


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“Ahimsa . . . “

Shall you raise your hand to strike,
Shall you, O’woman,
Choose to slap your child
Because your day was not as planned?
Violence is a stone
The ego drops in a pond,
Rolling ripples of rage
We wield as a magic wand . . .
But it doesn’t solve
Or resolve
A single thing
Save ensuring we don’t evolve.
No magic,
Just tragic,
A misguided act of resolve.
All we want is a little shade,
Some shelter from the heat,
In anger we lash out to get it,
Ensuring our ultimate defeat.
Restrain the urge
That blurs
The heart of peace,
Or prepare the funeral dirge.
Violence begets violence,
Like blessings, a hundred-fold return,
Why not let it go
Before it’s too late to learn
And that which has been unleashed
Returns to you to burn?
White hot,
Release peace,
That just makes sense.
What you send out will come back,
Be kind, and fear no recompence.


Rising Hawk

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Why must it be so?

P1070466 mod sharp crop signed


Pretty garden spider
Like the jungle tiger
The same old tale
On a smaller scale

Why must it be so?
Wherever you go
Every creature’s feature
Hunter or hunted in Nature

Blood and gore
For ever more
From the start
Until death do us part

Why must it be so?
Couldn’t humans show
Some brilliant ingenuity
And do away with this iniquity?

For everyone milk and honey
Every being as meek as a bunny
Wouldn’t that be nice?
Just as in Paradise

I can hear your icy sneers
Like hailstorm in my ears:
That is life, that’s the go
You should know it must be so!

Yet, despite the cursèd doom
Let us cast away the gloom
May the gentle, caring dove
Spread the word of peace and love!

P1220774signed and cropped


Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric

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This is an excellent little book.

“Make wars unprofitable and you make them impossible.” A.Philip Randolph (1889-1979), Civil Rights leader

“Almost all propaganda is designed to create fear. Heads of governments and their officials know that a frightened people is easier to govern, will forfeit rights it would otherwise defend, is less likely to demand a better life, and will agree to millions and millions being spent on “Defense.” John Boynton Priestly (1894-1984), English writer Think TWIN-TOWERS

“They have always taught and trained you to believe it to be your patriotic duty to go to war and to have yourselves slaughtered at their command. But in all the history of the world, you, the people, have never had a voice in declaring war, and strange as it certainly appears, no war by any nation in any age has ever been declared by the people.” Eugene Victor Debs (1885-1926), American labor and political leader

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” Issac Asimov (1920-1992),Russian-born American author

“I hate war as only a soldier who has live it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, and its stupidity.” Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), American president

Hey, just think about it

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i have been thinking for a long time that i wanted to get a tattoo– not for “manly” reasons with barb wire or lightning bolts, nor with skulls and guns or violence–

no, i have been thinking for some time of getting a tattoo that sums up my main outlook on life and what is paramount to me as an individual–kathleen and i debated this back and forth for some time and her concerns were justified and heard–

instead of just running out and getting a tattoo from anyone, and because of location and convenience i looked at several in the schenectady area and kathleen and i stopped by one which was on our route, hypnotik ink

i had checked out examples of the three tattooists work on the website and was partial to ones’ work– as luck would have it “drew” was at the studio when we walked in and both kathleen and i found him easy to talk to and share what we would like to have done– yes, kathleen too caught the bug and she decided to have a tattoo that she was unhappy with reworked–

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