How can we?

How can we face tomorrow

When we’re not sure we can survive today

How can we accept the fact

That prejudice still finds its way

How can we lose sight of judgement?

By closing our eyes to see!

Knowing brother and sister by heart

Is the way it was meant to be

How can we save our children

From this turmoil that we know

Plant a garden with every seed

By example watch how they grow

Each one a compliment to the other

Beauty in the fact they aren’t the same

Such a simple concept

That to this day eludes the brain

Therein rests the problem

When we think with our minds

Spirit should be our guide

To help us see the signs

That  history is stuck on repeat

The results are unchanged too

It’s time for an awakening

To recognize what we must do

Close our eyes

To lose sight of judgement

That we may see clearly

See Orignal

by busymindthinking