I Wish

Originally posted on Petals Unfolding:

The only world I wish to exist

is one with Beauty Roses and Bliss.

One in which singing is heard

equally both in Human and Bird.

One filled with enticing

aromas of Sugar and Spice.

One filled with Peace Wonder and Joy

for all to behold in Pure of Heart.

I wish my World would come true

for all to cherish Love so Blue.

I wish I wish upon a Star

for my World of Bliss to Exist.

IMG_6296 copy


(These words came to me last night, when I had my head down on my arms, upon my kitchen table. Tired beyond reason, discouraged after a very challenging day with some of my cats who are not feeling well, I began to hear these words. And so, I wrote them down. For you. Tears are actually prickling my eyes as I write these words.)

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