Silhouette Sunset

Silhouette Sunset © Sarah Vernon

One can get very sick of sunsets. At least, I can. It’s rare for me to find a sunset photograph exceptional. I find Silhouette Sunset exceptional and I can say that with impunity because it was captured by Mr FND and not me! He took it from a beach on the Akrotiri Peninsular in Crete, near to where we live. Looking at it makes me exceedingly peaceful.

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Peace & Awe



When I see the sunset or the sunrise I look at it with wonder because no two look the same. My Pa was a big follower of the sun and always taught me that if you are ever lost point the 12 of you watch toward the sun and 12:15 is North! That always gave him peace knowing that I knew how to keep from getting lost. So the sunsets and sunrises to me remind me of my Pa and that brings me peace and awe!

by MichelleMarie

Peace and sunset / Paz y puesta de sol


The day is finishing while the sea burns in front of us. The night soon will cover us with its majestic black robe full of stars. And that warm sensation of peace will wrap us. /

El día acaba, mientras el mar se incendia delante de nosotros. La noche pronto nos cubrirá con su majestuoso manto negro lleno de estrellas. Y esa cálida sensación de paz nos envolverá. /


© Texto y Fotos: Rafael Prado Velasco 2014

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