Speaking of Peace



We are but one decibel in the scream

One whisper of insight, unspoken

Tongues too frozen to speak

Or are we tone deaf to the sound of

Fingers running along wind chimes?

Glass, bamboo, shells, stones, porcelain, metal, wood

All different

Dangling in the same sweet sea breeze

Tapping on each others hearts

To find perfect harmony


What if…kids

What if we started asking kids, who were having play dates, to talk about some simple problems in their local community, as well as communities across the globe, so that they would grow up being used to discussing, and solving, real problems with others, from childhood?

What if every school turned Friday afternoon into a time when students could present ideas to each other, concerning the problems humanity and the world faces?  What if the kids could broke up in to groups and work on the problems that interested them?

What if parents and adults became more interested in the world’s problems, and how to solve them, so that they could discuss the issues with their children?

What if brilliant guest speakers, those who were working on solving world problems, could speak, via television, to kids who were working on the same problems?  What if the kids could ask the speakers questions, and the speakers could ask questions of kids as well?  What if kinder and more gentle solutions to our problems could be found by experimenting with the ideas the kids presented?

What if kids were told the truth about war, about the people who start them, and the reason for them.  What if we just told the truth and explained that there are other ways to serve your country, as peaceful representatives, as well as becoming a warrior?  What if we presented alternatives?  What if we got them involved at a young age, writing letters  and working with kids in other countries, to solve world problems?

What if we told them the truth about governments, and institutions, and the rampant greed, power plays and death for profit mentality?  What if we taught them that money isn’t more important than clean water, safe air and food?

What if we told them the truth about the brutal suffering of animals, that are used for clothing, food, furniture and other things?  What if they knew about what they were eating and how the torture of innocent creatures was being hidden from them?  What if they were taught to respect living beings and to protect them and care for them?  What if they knew their death and torture were unnecessary?

What if we taught kids to be problem solvers, alternative seekers?  What if we taught them to always see more than one side of every issue?  What if they could see the lies for themselves and refuse to accept what was put in front of them, just because someone said they should?   What if we allowed an entire generation of kids to grow into adulthood,  truly educated and aware? What if  we allowed kids to see farther than we do?  What if we taught kids to refuse to blindly obey anyone?

What if we taught kids to reach out to those who were different than they were?  What if they learned to  seek out, and celebrate, diversity?  What if they started helping each other and didn’t care about their differences, but work together for something bigger than themselves?  What if we taught them that differences were beautiful?

What if we let kids find their creativity and learn about things that interested them?  What if we let them read the books they cared about, books that mattered to their lives?  What if we let them make their own rules for what they wanted to learn.  What if teachers had to work for and with the kids, instead of for the school and the government?  What if education was so wonderful that the kids could hardly wait to get to places of learning? What if learning/education was FREE, so that everyone could get an education, not just those with money or pull?  What if we taught kids that the ‘have nots,’ could be the’ haves,’ if only they were ALLOWED to be?  What if we taught them that an educated society was a rich and healthy society?

What if we allowed kids to be passionate about their lives?  What if they looked forward to living because they were free to be themselves and create their own way of doing things?  What if they could ask questions and not be punished for asking?

What if we stopped making kids into sheep because it’s safe?  What if we told them that the good things in life weren’t safe, because they were all about FREEDOM and freedom was something you had to fight for, if you wanted to have and keep it because the people in charge wanted all the freedom for themselves and refused to believe that there was enough to go around?  What if we taught them THAT?

What if we set them free?

What if we said, “the brainwashing stops NOW?”


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by hitandrun1964


I can hear the song in my head,

every night and every day,

people never saying what they mean,

and so we just get

deeper into this

rut of lies and half truths

that kills and mains millions

brings unnecessary hatreds

to boil over into

yet more destruction,

so we have to start

talking truths,

getting to know and trust one another,

smiling in truth, greeting,

exploring friendship and peace,

and hearing what people are really

saying and feeling

for the sake and peace

of all mankind,

wont the soothsayers

banish from our minds

and let us save our world.


This is a poem based on two songs the first being Joe South’s Games people play, which I blogged earlier this evening, and Albert Hammond’s For the peace of Mankind.

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Imagine Peace

For many of us, war is clearly not the answer. Let’s try peace.

Hoi, Vietnam

For inspiration, we can draw on John Lennon’s beautiful song and vision for a world united in peace, Imagine.

As part of my commitment to peace, bloggers for peace, and the truth of who I am, I dedicate this post to peace.

 Imagine the impact we could make if every day the internet was awash in creativity, beauty, energy, emotion, and positive vibrations about Peace. ~ B4Peace 

I’d like to help create an energy of peace for Syria and the Middle East. As much as I understand and even admire people willing to protest the wrongs of wars, governments and injustice, I don’t believe it creates the right conditions for peace. To create peace, we must send out the energy of peace in our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

I’m committing to daily time spent in quiet, contemplating peace. I will be sending out the energy of peace  and love to our world leaders, leaders in the middle east, and the people of Syria.

For any skeptics or science types, the Institute of Heart Math has many studies proving the power of what they call “heart coherence.” As mystics have known for centuries and science is now proving, we are all connected and the power of love and positive energies can transform, even at at distance.

For inspiration, I leave you with this poem called Ode to Peace.

Li River Sunset

Ode to Peace

Say goodbye dear friend

We have journeyed many a mile together

It’s time to retire the stars and stripes

The wars, dominance and control

Bring out the new clothes

United in peace and love

Dedicated to one world, one family, one planet

War no more

Reign in our conflicts

Pause, inhale peace and extend love

All conflicts are calls for love

Let’s shower the people with love

Imagine peace my friends

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67, and going strong!



We turn 67 today, and this is our 68th Independence Day.

I don’t know how many people outside India, or South Asia, know this but, our country was finally born as an independent nation on the rivers of blood. I do firmly believe that the partition of India in to (at that time) India and Pakistan was largely the result of the ambitions of two men. They believed that what they were doing was right, but to a large extent, the partition was driven by rivalling ambitions. Finally, when the two countries were born, millions of people came from what is now Pakistan into India. Millions went from India into Pakistan. Millions were killed. Blood was shed, and hate and bigotry ruled.

We are one people really, but now we are three countries. Our relations with Pakistan have been built on the bedrock and foundation of suspicion and hate. This is not good. This can never be good.

My father’s family came over at that time, leaving everything behind. I would call myself as part of the transition generation, the generation that did not witness, but grew up on the stories of the partition. My kids don’t have that same feeling. They look ahead.

Our flag, the design and the colours were chosen with care.

The saffron represents strength and courage. What is strength? What defines it?

The white represents peace and truth. It contains the Dharma Chakra, and is found on the on the abacus of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka

The green represents fertility and growth.

Good values all.

When I was growing up, there was a strong North-South divide in India. Anyone in South India were called “Madrasi”. Things have changed, and since 1991, we have started to develop a stronger sense of nationhood.

We have problems galore, and it is for all of us to solve them. At one point, when I was living in Singapore, I was tempted to chuck my Indian passport and get a Singaporean one. It would have made my life easier in terms of international travel. My boss told me that a passport is just a piece of paper. But, something held me back. Some deep emotion for my country. Call it love, if you will. Being Indian defines me. My Indian passport, despite all the shit in my country, increased in value in my eyes and I realised that this is more than just a piece of paper. It is part of me, a part of my culture, a part of my history.

I think we need to build peace with our neighbours. We need to build peace within India. Hate cannot define our relationship with our neighbours.

We do need to do our bit to build India.

Rajiv Chopra

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