Green Serenity’s Truth (12 IMAGES) Take 2

Walking quietly as I possibly could


I meandered down a Mystical Path
 after hearing my name being called.
Curiosity took hold of my spirit
and down I went on that Path.
My astonished eyes were greeted by the Queen Herself
and as I stood there gulping greedily
within Her Towering Grace
out came my phonecam as She conceeded
Her Presence to Gift to you.
Trees and ferns, thick brush and thickets
Entered I into Solitude, Peace and Bliss.
I cringed at the noise my bike was making
as I walked upon this Holy Ground.
Holding you dearly in my Heart
I brought you to this Holy Ground
As this Magnificent Forest, lush and green,
most graciously granted to me
permission to photograph Her Allure.
It was then Her Message came clear as could be
 which held a key
one simple which is for you and for me …
“If I know how to exist in Peace
surrendering Myself fully without shame
to All There Is and to Who I Am,
then so can you.
Live as I do in Harmony
so that this world will learn from you
as you have learned from me.
Choose Love, Peace, and Harmony
to live each and every single day.”


Photography/Poem 2014©AmyRose

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We Speak

We speak
We soothe, we comfort,
We bring hope where there is despair
We bring life where there is death
We speak

We speak in the voices of our ancestors
We strengthen, we encourage
We bring passion where there is apathy
We bring wisdom where there is confusion
We speak

We speak in the voices of our future
We enlighten, we educate
We bring guidance where there is no direction
We bring light where there is darkness
We speak

We speak to raise new voices
We speak to tell different stories
And so we speak

© Shery Alexander Heinis

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