Why doesn’t she LEAVE?!

Why doesn’t she LEAVE?!

she is afraid

of him

of being without him

of what he might do to himself

that he might find her (he has promised to hunt her down)

of what he might do to her (he has promised to kill her if she left)

she is afraid

that she can’t do any better

that no one else will love her

that she can’t make it on her own

that she can’t provide for her kids

that this is what she deserves

and anyway you don’t understand…

he isn’t always like this

he doesn’t mean to hurt her

he is a good provider

he is a good father…he hasn’t hit the kids (yet)

he loves her

and anyway you don’t understand…

she doesn’t know anything else

this is just how it is

it has always been like this

she grew up watching her mom live this way

it’s in her DNA to stay


but they love each other- a series of haiku

she is wearing a

turtleneck in the summer

to hide fresh bruises

fingerprint necklace

one of many abuses

that she covers up

she can’t tell her friends

not that she has many left

he made sure of that

she doesn’t know why

she keeps making him so mad

she must do better

if he is so bad

why doesn’t she leave, you ask

you don’t understand

he loves her so much

he feels terrible after

says it’s the last time

and she loves him too

so she lives this way

in spite of herself

Melanie Thomason

He swore he never hurt his child…

He swore he never hurt his child

though his wife did drive him to drink

to cope with her inadequacies

and lying ways

He swore he never hurt his child

when he threw the dinner dishes in her face

after another ruined meal

he made sure the kid wasn’t hit

He swore he never hurt his child

he was too young to understand

couldn’t know the meaning

when he called his mom a lying whore

He swore he never hurt his child

it wasn’t his fault his wife was no good

and couldn’t be trusted

she brought it on herself

He swore he never hurt his child

he never saw the things he forced her to do at night

though he may of heard

his mother’s cries and screams

He swore he never hurt his child

the bruises, broken bones and cigarette burns

were what she had coming to her

she forced his hand

He swore he never hurt his child

he only made frequent ER visits

with his good for nothing mother

she wasn’t hurt that bad anyway

He swore he never hurt his child

though he confessed

to teaching his wife a lesson, a time or two

he never meant to kill her

He swore he never hurt his child

and while he never laid a hand on him

scars were left, just the same

and his child’s life is forever changed

~Melanie Thomason

*October is National Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.   While the above is not based on my life it is most assuredly not fiction.   Women are not the only victims of their abusers, their children also suffer.

Wordifull Melanie

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Billy was an angry man

he hated his own life

but instead of making changes

he took it out on his children & his wife

his hands, his belt, a wooden spoon;

anything in reach would do

and after every vicious assault

he made sure they knew it was their fault

~Melanie Thomason


October, in case you didn’t know, is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month AND National Bullying Prevention Month. It is sad that these issues need months set aside to talk about them but I’m glad for whatever light can be shone. I personally think these are issues that we should talk about all the time…until they no longer exist. Truthfully, talk alone isn’t enough. Each of us needs to take action as well. I shouldn’t have to tell anyone that they shouldn’t hurt other people, right? Yet, look around.

It goes beyond that of course… not only should you not hurt people (yourself or others) or participate with those who do, you also shouldn’t be a silent bystander. If you cannot get personally involved…at the very least say something to those who can.

IF, you know someone who is being abused, speak up.

Remember, the smallest action on your part could make a life and death difference.

IF, you know someone who is an abuser, speak up.

One of the ways we can make a difference is by not accepting this behavior. We have to let the perpetrators know this is not ok. When friends and family turn a blind eye this makes both the abuser and the abused feel that what is happening is acceptable. Break the cycle. Educate yourself and please educate your children.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

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Wordifull Melanie