Lucy and Cinnamon…a Chickmas poem

Lucy is getting ready for the Chickmas Poetry Reading and Cinnamon is humming the appropriate tune in the background, so you get the full effect of Lucy’s words. Cinnamon was going to play her saxophone but even with the mike, Lucy couldn’t chirp loud enough to be heard over the music, so they decided Cinnamon would hum instead.


Chickmas time

everyone tells me that Chickmas Time
is a very special season
a time when humans are happier
when they are kinder
when they get together
and exchange gifts
a time when they kill and eat pigs
who are beautiful and sweet animals
a time to send cards
a time to spread joy and love
(except to the pigs, of course)
a time to decorate their houses
and bake cookies

the thing is
that’s what it’s like at The Coop
almost every single day
except we love our pig friends
and would never kill or eat them
because, as I said, we love them
and we would never eat living beings
not even humans
because chicklets extend love to everyone
not just certain ones

humans shouldn’t sing joy to the world
they should sing joy to certain beings and then name them
that would be more honest
because they seem to have little regard for anyone but themselves
and even then they are on shaky ground

so during this season of parties and laughter
we chicklets will be celebrating all life
and the only wish we have
it’s the same every year
is that humans will stop killing and torturing us

Merry Chickmas to all
and unlike humans
WE really mean all

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by hitandrun1964



A Chickmas poem by Jack (and Calvin, although Calvin is just there for moral support)

Merry Chickmas

Chicklets wish everyone a Merry Chickmas
these are the things to remember at Chickmas time
pick up your clothes
keep your beak clean
don’t get paste on your feet
wear a scarf if it’s cold outside
take back your government
when you know that it’s destroying your way of life
the things you value, as well as the air, earth and water
always be polite
don’t laugh when your siblings fall down
don’t be apathetic
stand up for your rights (if you still have any)
hug your mother everyday
be generous
eat all your cornbread
don’t go into the duck pond alone
boycott corporations and businesses that pollute and
back racist, sexist, hateful programs with their money
don’t jump off of high places
don’t open presents before Chickmas or you’ll ruin the surprise
work to save animals from Factory Farms and stop the horror and cruelty
of animal experimentation
be helpful
read all the time
create something wonderful each day
go for help if you get gum stuck in your feathers
always work hard to make parties and celebrations fun for everyone
Have a Merry Chickmas


P.S.  I have more to say but my brother said that I’m taking up too much time, so I may come back later.  Calvin and I both thank you.

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by hitandrun1964

Autumn Hush


Autumn Hush please rescue me
The world it is so noisy
and I fear I do not care
Lest I lose my mind for certain
Please someone make them cease
Their mindless, endless chatter
Their casting of another fleece
I simply want silence
The whispered sounds of peace
Quiet all your chatter
Wait the song begins
Peace the wind it whispers
to my tired soul
Wrap me in your blanket 
Autumn Hush please rescue me 

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by MichelleMarie

in peace


The bird stood on the sidewalk
red feet bright in the sun
feathers fluffed
to ward off the cold
thinking of winter
of the lack of food
and warmth
but he was happy
in spite of what was coming
because he was free
no cage held him
he would live or die
on his own
in peace


This post is a collaboration:

lovely picture by Paul Militaru

and wonderful poem by Gigi 

Hope For Peace

Ancient hope delivered
on the wings of a dove
Witnessed from the
deck of a wooden boat

Forgotten in the tramp
of boots in battle through
mud and snow – past
bodies of comrades

Snagged on long strips
of barbed wire that

Hidden in long tunnels
under wet green jungles
where teens fought teens

Lost among the clouds
behind the whine of engines
flying with heavy payloads

Ancient hope in the sky
ignored by humankind

© Candace Kubinec

World Peace~Cascade

World Peace
World Peace

Weapons were silenced

A hush fell over the Earth

World peace was a reality


On battlefields every where

Soldiers began to sing

Weapons were silenced


Refusing to fight anymore

For lands that were to be shared

A hush fell over the Earth


Rushing across the fields

Anxious to know their enemies

World peace was a reality

They studied war no more


© Carol Campbell 2015



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