Boys & girls

Boys & girls…

by hitandrun1964

A few days ago, Debbie and I were walking through the toy aisles at Target.

We were looking a life-like baby dolls and tutu’s, talking animals and ponies.  Doll strollers and dollhouses.  Toy food and tiny dishes.  Everything was pink, white and light.

Then we walked across the floor and entered a dark green aisle that was filled with rockets, guns, tiny figures, with furious looks on their faces, wearing grenades strapped to their bodies.  We saw planes and tanks and bloody cartoon faces on tiny action figures.  Everything in the aisle was dark, vicious, and violent.   Wrestlers, bulked up with open mouths, screaming.  Camouflage colors.  No light.  Darkness.  War.

What are we doing?

Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated!

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