October Deadline Extension!


Because this is such an important topic we want you to have every opportunity to participate, so we have extended the deadline.  You still have time to get in your submissions for the October 2015 Monthly Post:

Break the Cycles of Abuse!

Let’s work together to shine a light into the darkness. Send in your art, music, poetry, etc. that focuses on ending Child Abuse, Domestic Abuse and Bullying, etc.  Whether the abuse is physical, verbal, sexual or emotional it ALL leaves scars. Let’s do all we can to Break the Cycle!

Special Challenge: What are 5 Things that MEN can do to stop violence against women and children?

Extended Submission Deadline October 13th!
Selected Entries will be posted October 15th

Send in your contributions NOW to: artists4peaceproject@gmail.com


Gigi and Melanie


Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated!

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