Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder what is out there? Right now?

I recently walked along the beach and when I stopped to take a breath and enjoy the view, I started wondering.

What is actually out there?

Of course there are plenty of fish in the sea, but what kind of fish? And what else?

While I am here standing and watching and thinking, what is out there? Are there dolphins under the surface? Whales? They are migrating… Are there sharks?

There are sharks in our area. Small ones and Great Whites. Maybe one of them is out there, being the huge majestic and fascinating predator he was shaped to be over millions of years.

How about turtles? A couple of years ago, there was actually a turtle on our beach, washed up and totally exhausted. Too far away from where it was meant to be. They took care of her or him and eventually releases the turtle back up where it belonged.

Who knows what is really out there at the moment. The very moment I stand there and wonder. All I know is that every single one of them is a miracle. They are out there aging their part in the circle of life. For millions of years already.

And here we are… Playing our part in this world. Actually a pretty sad part if you look around.

And I wonder. I wonder what they think when they stop and watch us rush around, cars in the background. Noise all over, towers shooting out of the ground, one after another. Watching, how we take more and more from what we all should share.

And I wonder what they think…

2011_08_06_Monterey mit Judy und Max026.JPG

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4 thoughts on “Do You Ever Wonder?

  1. I take photos in the woods and I am amazed that I am focused on a shot of say a bird and get home and upload the picture and there is a butterfly I didn’t even see at the time.


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